30 day yoga challenge



As some of you will know I love yoga, I might not be the best at it and have been known to fall out of my headstands giggling, but it’s super fun to learn new things and we only fall down to pick ourselves back up. I started up again 3 years ago because I wanted to try something new and learn how to do cool tricks – I wanted a new challenge!

I had actually started doing yoga when I was 15 and I’d been begging my dad for a gym membership for my 16th birthday in my plan to become Angelina Jolie after watching gone in 60 seconds, I wanted to lose weight and be a bad ass! Up until that point I’d always quit everything I’d started, violin, guitar, basket ball, judo (1 lesson) so he set me a challenge, to lose 1 stone, then I could have a gym membership as my birthday present. I was 15, a size 18 and had no idea how to lose weight, I asked the doctor who said to go running…no chance! So I bought myself a yoga video (yes, video, it was 14 years ago) and I just started doing the 10 minute warm up every day, within a few weeks I’d changed, I looked taller, slimmer, I felt wonderful and I was well on my way to getting that gym membership!

That 10 minutes daily changed my life and I’d like to challenge you to see if just 10 minutes a day could change your life too!

I will post 3 little yoga video’s for you to try at home and see what happens if you just do one of these a day…



Karen’s Yoga Diary – Week 2

Week 2

I’ve practiced 5 days out of seven, it was no effort, I wanted to do it, yoga must be addictive!! I tried practicing in the evenings, but it just didn’t feel comfortable, early morning is the best time for me.

Our lesson starts with breathing exercises, this really relaxes me for the gentle but stimulating warm up. We then start the sun salutation, Aimie adds on a little extra this week. The rhythm of the salutation is quite hypnotic. There’s no straining, just a relaxed flow. You’re stretching but don’t really realise it as it’s such continual movement.

After the salutation we practised the crow pose, I could actually hold it for all of a second, that was amazing, when Aimie demonstrated it I didn’t think I’d be able to do it!!

I leave the class once again full of enthusiasm. I just wish I could remember all the moves!!