Online Zoom Classes start this week….

Very exciting… online mobility classes starting tomorrow, text Aimie on 07828 296 068 for the link to a complimentary trial class.

Mobility is where flexibility meets strength. Having the strength to move through many functional movements that will keep you supple, mobile, active and feeling fantastic with the added effect of looking great too!

Mixing the best bits of Yoga, Pilates, Functional 3D Movement and Animal Flow, for a fun, safe and effective workout perfect for total beginners and athletes alike.

Move your body in a way that strengthens and stretches to leave you feeling open, stretched and strong!

Suitable for all ages and levels!

Excited to see you there!x x x

Exciting News!

Hello Lovely People! I do hope you are all having a gorgeous build up to Christmas and enjoying the blue skies!

I just wanted to catch you all up with some exciting news…. The book is finished…. well, nearly, we just need one final go at the front cover and all my beautiful fit family will get the chance of a paper or ebook copy just in time Christmas!

The recipe book, Nourish with Aimie, is a collection of all the information and delicious recipes that have got my health from a bit of a mess, where I was suffering with IBS, constant fainting, fatigue, constant sickness, bladder problems, kidney problems, acne and so much more to the point of health where I am full of energy, happy, I wake up early and don’t need as much sleep, I have a sense of humor and I want to do things, I want to exercise (this hasn’t always been the case, I used to drag my butt to the gym!) I have so much more enjoyment of every single day, I want to share it with you all!

Secondly, I am really excited to announce that in January, Nigel and I are starting up an incredible website we hope you will all love, it will be a home for all things movement, exercise, yoga, nutrition and meditation related. Nigel and I have been hard at work since March working on the content for our project, which we hope will help aid you to move more and nourish yourselves in every way!

So look out for lots of new, exciting things coming in January!

I can’t wait to share it all with you!

Have a wonderful day!

Love Aimie x

Karen’s Yoga Diary – Week 6

Week 6

It’s Monday 6.15 am, not too cold at all today. The clocks went back last night so its lighter this morning, I didn’t need my torch!

I’ve noticed some really impressive improvements this week! We went walking yesterday and I was climbing over the styles, of which there were several, like a gazelle! It was such a lovely feeling, freedom. It’s wonderful the body moving without having to make the effort to make it work! Sitting on the floor picnicking, again no problems getting down or up from the ground. The other thing I’ve noticed is when I get out of bed in the morning I’m nowhere near as inflexible as I was. I’m also continuing with getting my life organised so I actually get things done on time without last minuet rushing.

We started today cross legged, sitting on blocks, (I’m sure my knees are an inch lower than last time!) with controlled breathing. Aimie takes us through a little meditation focusing on compassion. This stills our mind and readies us for our practice.

From here we progress to practise the warrior and ‘extensions’ of the warrior pose. This was a very engaging flow of movements. We incorporated into this some one legged balancing, with the help of the blocks! The balancing was not as difficult as I thought it would be, this was because Aimie had taken us through several moves to work the muscles that would be used to hold the position. It’s all starting to come together as to why we do certain moves before others. One naturally leads to strengthening you for the other.

Time then, for the sun salutation. We perform this with the inclusion of the Warrior, but a slightly different variation to earlier. We do a back stretch; again this just feels so good! As I turn in one of the poses the clock catches my eye. I can’t believe its 7.05am. I’ve been in the gym for nearly an hour, where’s the time gone. After this we then move into a straight leg with a cross-legged position and start to twist with one hand on the floor and the other wrapped round the folded leg. This stretches along the spine and the side of the crossed leg. These deliberate stretches feel so good, you seem to just move into them.

We finish sitting crossed legged and then moving our body forward towards the floor. A couple of weeks ago I couldn’t move my body forward in this position at all, but today I was able to move through a few inches. I was so pleased. I can so feel my body responding to the yoga, and it’s something I really enjoy doing. We follow this by lying on our backs relaxing.

Tip No. 1 for Weight Loss

Hey all!

I hope you are well!

After my last blog I’m going to be posting my favourite tips for weight loss…so here goes…

No.1 – Enjoy the journey! Simply make sure, whatever you do, you enjoy it! If you’ve always fancied yoga find a class and try it! If you love the great outdoors start walking and incorporate more outdoor activities into your week! If, like me your a nutter and as a little girl you wanted a motorbike and to be rocky, training in a barn and hanging off the ceiling doing sit-ups, try a bootcamp, get a trainer who you really like or start some form of self defence. Just find something that makes you smile, stand a little taller and makes you feel proud of yourself!

The same goes with food! Over the past 5 years of my clients all being force fed green smoothies, I’m yet to find one who doesn’t love them or feel better for them, simply start eating or drinking more fresh, natural fruits and veggies and start being kind to yourself and enjoying food you like, that is good for you!

That’s it! Just start enjoying the journey and really living each day!