Wash your veggies!

Just a quick one today… Wash your veggies…

So, if you can’t get organic, it’s really important to clean your fruits and veg, to remove those nasty pestiside that kill the bugs! There won’t be as many nutrients in non-organic foods, but we can give ’em a good clean to save our bodies the hard work and also cutting down our risks of consuming all these chemicals!

As you know, I like a quick easy option for everything, so I will soak my fresh produce in a bath of water, a glug of raw apple cider vinegar and some bob’s aluminium free bicarb/ baking soda as I head out for work, so when I get back at lunch they are ready to go!

I even let them drain on the plate rack for 30 mins before cutting them into a tasty salad!

Hope this helps!

Have a great day all!xx

I love my Nan!

Hello Lovelies!

So for those who haven’t met my Nan, this is Pamela and she is AWESOME! 5 years ago she was diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes, 15 years before that she found walking hard, couldn’t do up her shoes without being in agony and felt terrible.

Being diagnosed with Diabetes gave her the shock she needed to take her health into her own hands and she started looking after herself!

She has lost 2 stone, but most importantly has dropped her blood sugar from a very dangerous 14 down to 4.5, her blood pressure is now perfect, her kidney function is fantastic and she feels better at 75 (don’t tell her I told you) than she did at 50!!!! How Awesome is that!

So now every week nan comes to two of my classes, uses her own gym to work out in and can now walk to and from town with ease!!!

She also makes me lunch once a week and check out what I got today….

Best Guac ever!

So here is a huge Well Done to my lovely, inspiring Nan!

Love you Nan!xxxx