Welcome to the CMT – The CORE Momentum Trainer

Hello Lovely People!

I hope you are all enjoying the warmer weather and are excited about the summer wardrobes coming back out and feeling the warm sun on your skin! I am! I’ve already been eating my watermelons in the garden getting that awesome vitamin D in!

Now I want to introduce you to a super awesome piece of kit, the CMT or CORE Momentum Trainer… this is going to be the next big thing when it comes to fitness and I want to share it with you all. I’ve been using the CMT for 2 years now and love it, I’m also very excited to share with you that I am now a CMT Master Trainer! Woooo hoooo!


Dr Derek Steveson, a PhD physiotherapist and expert in functional biomechanics who runs the Functional Performance Center in Arizona designed the CMT with has been using this awesome piece of kit on athletes and has experienced amazing results! The CMT is an amazing tool and so versatile we can use it with near enough anyone, from my 76 year old nan wanting to keep moving and get fitter, to my little 5 and 6 year cousins who just want to play to Rob, my black belt bad-ass to professional sports people and so on… My awesome athletes love it and quickly notice the difference in their core and see the results in the mirror!


I’ve used it to help people suffering with sciatica, lower back pain and issues with the foot and ankle and much much more with fantastic results for anyone looking to get fitter and move better!

It’s fantastic because it has the added bonus of audio feedback, you can literally hear how effective each move is! How cool is that!


This is how Escape fitness and the incredible John Hardy explain how the CMT works,

“The CMT is based around the central Power Core that contains lubricated steel shot. At the end of each movement, this material collides against the Power Core walls with considerable force. The force is transferred to the user’s core via their arms and working hard to precisely control the force is what guarantees an effective workout.

But best of all – and this is what is creating not only a noise, but also a real buzz around the CMT – is that the sound of the collision provides an accurate indication of how well the exercise is being performed.

When you are working effectively with the CMT the material hits the Power Core sweet spot and you hear a sharp, sudden sound. A longer, less focused sound is an indication that you are losing focus or are becoming fatigued, so it’s time to either up the effort or move on to another exercise.”


The best part of all is simply how enjoyable this piece of kit is to use, everyone loves it and the results are amazing.

So what are you waiting for, get booked in to a CMT class with me now and enjoy shaking what your mamma gave you (wink)

Classes are on NOW
Monday 11.15 am
Monday 6 pm
Tuesday 8.45 am
Wednesday 6.15 am
Wednesday 6 pm
Friday 9.40 am
Saturday 9 am

Spaces are limited to 7 per class, so book in ASAP to avoid disappointment!

Have an awesome day all!

A Super Creamy Tropical Green Smoothie For You…

Hey there awesome people!

Happy Christmas and I hope you are all having an amazing time over this festive period!

Today Matt dragged my butt out of bed for a 6.45 am spin session…. I grumbled, but feel soooo much better for doing it followed by a fun, functional weights session, then off shopping to get some greens, I made the most delicious post-workout green smoothie to date….Here we go…

The great thing with food is that we don’t have to waste much at all, yesterday I made a not so delicious smoothie which was a bit thick. I used the leftover smoothie from yesterday to bulk out today’s which was…

chard from my garden

and mixed it with some fresh ingredients today….

100g spinach
1 mango
1 banana
1 passion fruit
1/2 tub vanilla coyo
and water…

blended it all together and enjoyed in the morning sunshine!

I normally go heavier on the greens, but this creamy, fruity treat would convert even the most skeptical!

Give it a go!xx