The 5 rites

Hello Lovely Lovely People!

How are you all? I hope you are having a wonderful Month! The strawberries are growing and the sun is out!

In my constant, evolving journey of becoming more awesome and helping others realise how awesome they are I’ve taken on the goal of doing The 5 Rites everyday for 30 days. The 5 rites were bought back from Tibet, by a british soldier, who found the fountain of youth, you can read the story in the book by Peter Kelder here,

The rites are used to balance the chakras and balance the endocrine system. Basically, they make you feel awesome! As I’ve mentioned in class, please, please, build up at your own pace! I over did it on the first day and felt pretty sick for a few hours, so build it up gently!

I’ve put a little video together for you to support your practice at, so enjoy!

So give them a go awesome people, couldn’t we all do with feeling a bit happier, youthful, more fun and totally awesome?