A great experience…

Hello Lovely People!

I hope everyone is having a great day!

Anyone who knows me will have seen what a massive wimp I’ve been for the past 2 weeks! I feel over running 2 Sunday’s ago and, not that I’m a drama queen… but took photos of my war wounds! When it happened my first comment was, “this is why I hate running!”, but actually I’m really enjoying running more and every week I’m feeling fitter, stronger and more like a runner. So it got me thinking about something we’ve been covering in meditation class with the awesome Nigel…

Everything happens for our betterment… So, these are the reasons I’ve already become better for my little scrape….

1. It really hurt and it’s taken 2 weeks for me to be able to put any pressure through my knee and my palm. The upside is that I’ve been able to use all my training and creativity to completely change my training for two weeks to still work hard, but without using my palms flat on the floor and to train my legs without bending them too much. It’s been really good fun. Even better is that today I did some yoga and as a result of tons of trx press ups my chaturanga are even stronger and felt effortless and I really enjoyed and appreciated the session after 2 weeks off.

2. I saw Lucy Allit, “body magician” for a session where she used her iams tool to release the fascia in my hand and wrist from the impact and within 5 minutes my hand felt totally different! I could even go straight into a plank and down dog position, which had felt too painful to do before! This reaffirmed to me how amazing tool assisted massage is! So ever since I’ve been using my tool much more and seeing fantastic results with everyone!

3. It has given me a new perspective… I have a new found understanding of the pain and repercussions of falling over! So, it has got me thinking of new exercises to keep us upright over the autumn in the wet leaves and possible snow in the winter and other options for clients who might also get impact injuries.

So all in all it has been a great experience as well as a good excuse to get some new leggings!

Try seeing the good in an experience this week and have fun!

Aimie xx