Bonus Recipe!!! Goooey Birthday Cup-Cake….mmmmm

Hello my beauties!

In all of the excitement of the book release this week I’ve been floating on cloud 9 and am feeling even more inspired than usual!

It was my awesome designer James’s birthday on Tuesday, so I got my butt in the kitchen to make him something special! James has over-hauled his diet this year and has seen the amazing benefits from cutting out gluten and dairy! James is actually unable to eat almonds and avocados, it makes his throat itch, as I’ve said before, we are all slightly different and different things suit! I’d usually use avocado for a cup-cake frosting, but had to think of an alternative… this led to the best cup-cake ever…

nourish with aimie


-6 dates
-2 tsp raw walnut butter
-1 tbsp raw coconut flour
-1 tsp raw cacao powder

Blend together to make a gooey cake mix and smoosh into cupcake cases


-1/2 mug cashew nuts
-drop of water
-1 tsp raw honey
-1/2 tsp raw vanilla powder

blend until smooth (add more water if it’s crumbly) and spread all over your cake, don’t forget to lick the spoon!

Then decorate with raw cacao nibs

This literally took 10 minutes to make!

Enjoy the guilt free treat all!

Love Aimie xxx