I love BBQ…

Hello Food Fans!

If you are anything like me you will totally love summer and all of the delicious foods that come with it… sun ripened strawberries, fresh juices and salads, super sweet fruits and BBQ’s!! “Say what? BBQ? Aren’t you vegan?” I hear you cry, yes I am, but that doesn’t stop me totally enjoying delicious foods, I just have to be creative… So here are my best three easy BBQ meal ideas…



This was my first and quickest BBQ inspired meal…

BBQ Raw Pepper Burgers and Sweet Fries

1. simply chopped sweet potatoes, slowly cooked in a little coconut oil.

2. cut an orange pepper into 3 slices and fill with sliced avocado and broccoli or alfalfa sprouts (found in any good health food shop)

3. Top off with a slice of tomato and a little organic mustard (I had to get mine from wholefoods as every other place had nasty preservatives or E numbers in – we can do better than that right?)

4. Add a little pink Himalayan Salt and black pepper and any extra sprouts (highly nutritious and definitely a food you want in your weekly food intake) And enjoy!





As it’s summer, we definitely need some beautiful hydrating food in our lives, so this amazingly quick watermelon juice is perfect! Simply chop the melon up and blend until smooth… that’s it! (A few posts down you should find a video on how to do this…)


BBQ Quinoa Wraps

This is a variation of my mongo wraps in my book, ‘Nourish with Aimie’ using nice big spring green leaves we get a fantastic base of alkalising greens, fibre and alkalising minerals with loads of taste…

1. Cook the quinoa for 15 minutes while prepping the rest of the food. After 15, take off the heat and allow to absorb remaining fluid and add in some BBQ spices, I used an organic BBQ mix I found in Las Vegas Wholefoods, but any sugar free mix will work

2. Wash your green and slice out the middle ‘vein’ that’s too tough to eat (can be juiced later) chop avocado and peppers, pick any herbs, I used micro herbs I’ve grown at home, coriander and cress, so easy and delicious!

3. Down one side of the ‘vein’ simply fill with quinoa, veggies and avo and some mustard (as before) then roll the filled side to the centre, fold in both ends and finish rolling to create your wrap and cut in half…That’s it! Enjoy!

In my next blog I will share with you my BBQ burgers and raw coleslaw! Yum! Happy Tuesday!xx

Mango and Avo Salad


Hello beautiful people!!

Happy Weekend! I had a really delicious salad that I thought needed sharing with the world…so here you go! This is the salad my mum makes me when I’m working late…how lucky am I! It’s so delicious and will tempt everyone who sees you eating it! My little cousins who are 6 and 7 always want some!


So here are the ingredients and how to make it…

Grate or use the Tefal fresh express to chop

-2-3 courgettes

-3-4 carrots

-1 beetroot

then chop up some sweet smelling ripe mango, 1 should do it!

add in  1-2 chopped avocadoes

and some organic sweet corn


Then simply stir in 1/4-1/2 tsp ground coriander

the juice of 1-2 limes

fresh rosemary

And that’s it!





I hope you enjoy this as much as I do!

Love Aimie xx

Positive Thinking Creates a Positive Future

dd5d9cca8da30ee0abd9eb974e9502acHey lovely people!

I just wanted to share with you all a wonderful quote I heard from the lovely Elizabeth from Forking Fit…

Positive Thinking Creates a Positive Future

I think it’s wonderful, it says it all!


So today, focus on what is right in your life! What you’ve achieved! What you’ve done well that a year ago, you didn’t think you could do…. I’ve got a gorgeous group of ladies who I get to train and a year ago they found running hard, yet this weekend some of them are running their first 5 km in the St. Richard’s hospice, colour run and I’m so so so proud of each of them!

So choose to be proud of yourself, of what you’ve overcome, what you’ve stuck with or changed where needed!

Let go of anything you no longer need and choose happiness and positivity!

Let yourself be happy!

Have a wonderful afternoon everyone!

Love Aimie xx

How to have a happy day!

Aloha Beautiful People!

I hope you are all well!

I’m so sorry about the lack of blogs recently, I’ve just finished my yoga qualification and am starting up a very new, exciting business to run alongside and compliment my wonderful work as a Personal Trainer and coach and am also finishing a recipe book that was inspired by you wonderful people! It’s all coming to a calmer state, so I wanted to do a few blogs to say hello!

I’ve got so much to share with you all, but firstly I want to tell you about my gym session today… As always I enjoyed my walk to the gym, where I either do a mental list of what I’m grateful for or practice the ho’oponopono (more on this another day) and went into the changing room where I saw 2 lovely ladies discussing that they couldn’t touch their toes, I couldn’t resist, I simply got them to have a go at my magic hamstring opening movements and in 2 minutes both could touch their toes and were suitably impressed…YAY! I love it!

So I got chatting to Mo, who is a lovely lady I see regularly at the gym and we got on to daily rituals and she told me about her daily BMW, I found this so inspiring I wanted to share it with you all! It will take maybe 3 minutes a day and is a really lovely thing to try…

B stands for Beautiful things…

Simply, at the end of your day count 5 beautiful things that have happened to you that day, for example… 1. Someone complimented my hair 2. I met and had a great conversation with a new friend 3. Someone told me some advice I had offered had helped 4. I saw a new video on youtube that really inspired me 5. I tried a few new exercises and loved them… or anything that made your day better.

M is for memory

So this is something you’ve learnt of interest to you today and aim for 3 things daily… 1. I’ve learnt about the BMW 2. I’ve learnt the lovely lady from the gym’s name, Mo 3. I’ve learnt that doing good things makes you feel good

W is for Wish

So you finish off with a wish….anything you like and take a moment to think about what it would be like to have that wish come true

And that is it!

I hope this inspires you and you too start a daily gratitude list.

The next Blog will be on how I improved my running speed by an extra 2 km/h in 2 weeks! Exciting Stuff!

Have an awesome day everyone!

Aimie x

You Tube Channel

Hello Lovely Lovely people!

I hope you are all well! I seem to have lost the ability to upload videos on to my site at the moment, but this is the address for my You Tube Channel, so head on over and start moving and or eating! 🙂


Have Fun all and keep moving!

Aimie xxx

March Challenge – 100 Squats or Lunges every day!!

Hello Lovely People!!! I’ve missed you!! It’s great to be back! As many of you know I have been working away for the past few weeks and have had a great few weeks, I got the chance to work in a very cool new gym in Saudi, where I was helping to get lots of women new to exercise doing lots of cool, new, functional exercises!

In the few weeks there I saw some really amazing changes, women who had never exercised before literally changed right before my eyes, some struggled with certain movements and found the exercises sometimes a little strange (I’m sure many can relate :)) but the thing I was most inspired by was the determination and the fact that these amazing women came every single day and did these exercises daily, nailing them within a few sessions…

So… this leads me on to The March 100 daily Challenge… Put your hands up… Who would like leaner, longer, more toned, sexy legs? Me, me, me!! Who would like an even perkier bottom that could crack walnuts? Me again!!! Who would like to feel great every day and boost their metabolism? I’m in!!!

Awesome!!! So every day in March (or the next 30 days, I was supposed to put this up on Friday) we will together, perform either 100 squats or 100 lunges, if your feeling particularly crazy… 100 lunges on each leg… if you miss a day 400 lunges (Sorry Saturday morning bootcampers :)) OHHHH, it’s all a bit exciting and all in time for Spring shorts! Yay!

Why? You might ask, well, the science bit states that the biggest muscles in the body are in the legs and bottom, so when we perform big movements using these large muscles we will speed up our metabolic rate, this will stay high for hours after training, we will get blood pumping which will make us feel happy, then even happier in 30 days when we have a bum Pippa Middleton would be envious of!
It is said that training these awesome muscles also helps us to naturally produce our human growth hormone. The benefits of this are to improve lean muscle mass (ladies, we will never look like Arnie doing some squats and eating salads, it takes a hell of a lot of food and hours and hours of training to get those results and more testosterone than we could possibly have, but you will like what you see!) When performing lunges, we lengthen through our abs, meaning we get a great Core workout, mix this with 3D movement, you all know my crazy lunges, we also lengthen through our quads, we will throw some inner thigh in there for good measure plus a shed load of glutes and we will be sweating in no time!

So, I will post some workouts on my youtube channel, see the link at the side. Then all you have to do is press play and join in! Easy as peas!

Right, I’m off to do some more Lunges! Enjoy!!

It’s great to be back my lovelies! Have a wonderful day!xx