Juices, Smoothies And Hello!!!

Ohhhhh, I just have to share with you my love of juices… I’ve spent this morning at a beautiful yoga class then made 2 litres of juice and a smoothie for myself today because that what my body craved! We’ve got carrot, apple, lemon, ginger and turmeric juice….mmmm soooo good! Smoothie wise is my favourite, celery, kale, lemon, banana and avocado, it is literally like drinking calmness!

I’m Aimie and this has not always been how I spent my time, 11 years ago I was sick, I was waiting for a terminal diagnosis, I was in Hospital every other week with Kidney infections, I’d lost control of my bladder, I had nerve damage in my back, my upper back was always so tight and painful, I had IBS, the most awful bloating and abdominal pain that would cause me to spend most of my time curled up in a ball, I could faint up to 4 times a day and my goal every day was to get back into bed, all while working as a Personal Trainer!

Now my life has totally transformed, I have tons of energy, my digestion feels amazing and I feel happy! My goal now is to help as many people as possible with what I’ve learnt over the last 11 years…

Firstly good nutrition is vital to feeling amazing! This is what caused my first massive shift in health, after just 3 months of no gluten, dairy or sugar and tons of probiotics, oregano oil, digestive enzymes and other things all symptoms had disappeared!

Then when we are not totally lacking in energy we can start to notice our thoughts, all of them, all 65,000 daily thoughts, 90% negative and 80% the same as yesterday… so great mental health is a must, understanding ourselves and having great strategies to stay happy, positive and totally accepting of others will give you a sense of ease in your days! Meditation, self inquiry, personal development and growth are all things I now do daily myself and with my clients.

Movement, Ohhhh how I love movement, the more we move in ways that feel amazing to us the more empowered, centred, strong and connected we feel! I’ve spent the past 18 years studying movement and the more I do the more passionate I am about the subject! Over the past 8 years I’ve immersed myself in Functional 3D movement, biomechanics and have felt amazing results myself and seen incredible results in my clients, in our Personal Training sessions, 3D Yoga and Functional Pilates !

Then there is Emotional Release through The Emotion Code and Body Code and Kinesiology that was the final missing piece of the puzzle! I was finding that 90% of my clients physical pain was alleviated through great nutrition, increased water and alkalinity and fantastic movement, but 10% saw no change, until we started releasing trapped emotions! I will continue to post case studies every month to share what is possible! For my my upper back was totally locked, no matter what i did movement wise it was always tight, now after releasing the trapped emotions it feels great, every day! My lock jaw that would be stuck for two weeks at a time, melted away in 5 minutes. I’ve been able to help my family relieve sciatica, migraines, hip pain, IBS and in one case to feel loved again… this really is magical!

If you want a positive shift in your life I provide Online Health Coaching, Fitness and Movement plans and Emotion Code and Body Code Sessions, get in touch, I’d love to meet you! My email is aimie@moveandnourish.com

Glass Bottles: www.mybeautifulbottle.com

Have a beautiful day!

Love Aimie x x x

New Testimonial….

“I have been working with Aimie now for the last year now and I absolutely love the results that this work has given me! I feel so much better in myself, physically, mentally and emotionally and I have noticed profound changes, especially with my health and vitality. I was surprised at the start to see how much emotion has been stuck in my body yet time after time, the clearing of it has left me feeling more energetic, healthier, clearer and more in control. My time with Aimie, cleaning up these stuck emotions and unconscious beliefs, has created the space for me to fill myself with the emotions and beliefs that are supporting the results that I am now getting. Aimie is a phenomenal practitioner of this work, so kind, caring and wise. This work is invaluable and it will be something I continue to utilize over the course of my life”

Kate Trevillian

‘I Never Win’ was holding Adam back from his dream

I’ve just woken up to an incredible message, one of my amazing clients has just received the news that the business he has been trying to buy for 4 years has just informed him they are ready to make the deal today!

I’ve been working with Adam for 3 months now and we started releasing the imbalances causing physical pain in his back, his neck and his jaw, interestingly, these were all linked to trapped emotions he had inherited from his parents, after releasing all the blocked emotions his pain disappeared!

Ever since we’ve been working on getting his subconscious mind to believe positive statements, by releasing the blocked emotions that have inhibited them from being true to him.

Yesterday we had one of the most powerful sessions yet. A belief came up that ‘I never win’ Adam couldn’t believe it and told me about how he works so hard and does everything right, but he “NEVER WINS!!!”, so we released the blockages so that the statement was no longer true to him and his voice changed, he felt the difference in his body and mind and said with joy in his voice, ‘I always win!’ The shift had happened!

That brings us to today, the goal he had for 4 years has just become a reality! WOW!! How incredible is that! I am so excited to continue to see his life become more and more magical!

If you feel compelled to change your life right now please get in touch! This is life changing! Email me at aimie@moveandnourish.com

Have a magical day!

Love Aimie x x x

Case Study – Overcoming Anxiety, Weight Loss & Off Cigarettes For Good!

I am so excited to share with you some incredible results I’ve been getting with my beautiful client who has Emotion Code and coaching sessions once a week!! She lives in the U.K. and I am in Sydney, Australia and we do our sessions via the phone.

We will call her Laura, Laura has had 10 sessions so far and her initial goal was to try to get rid of her anxiety, which we did in two sessions simply by releasing all the associated trapped emotions, after just two weeks all anxiety has gone and now we are working on weight loss. How exciting!

Laura has been exercising regularly and following a diet for two years and has not lost any weight, she has felt fitter, but her clothes feel the same. So we have created a very inspiring goal and we are simply releasing the emotions that have been inhibiting her results. In the first week of her new focus she lost 2 lbs and that was just from releasing trapped emotions! No change in diet or anything outside that session. Last week she lost 3 kg, the weight that had always felt like a burden is simply falling off! These results are amazing and we are not even at the best part…

Two weeks ago Laura told me that when we started our sessions she had been smoking 20 cigarettes a day, for years. Over the past 8 week she had found she has gone down to 6 cigarettes a day, without trying!! This is the amazing thing with this work, you don’t have to try, the shift happens by releasing the blocks causing either the feeling/emotion or the belief or the behaviour and it’s all caused by trapped/stuck emotions!

Having started studying the Body Code (a far more in depth system to find and release imbalances in the body, which covers chakras, muscles, bones, the nervous system and so much more) and attended another Kinesiology course recently, we used these new techniques to see if we could release the blockages causing Laura to smoke…we released the trapped emotions and we also released a trapped tobacco energy….interesting hey!

What inspired this post is that I’ve just had a session with her and Laura has not even wanted to touch a cigarette since our session! The thought of cigarettes makes her feel sick! 10 weeks ago she smoked 20 a day and for the past 2 weeks she hasn’t smoked 1!

I am so excited for Laura’s future, in 10 weeks I’ve been able to hear the difference in Laura’s life, she now comes onto our calls excited and having experienced amazing magical weeks where things are happening that she had once thought were impossible!

If you would like to experience the shift of these sessions simply contact me by email aimie@moveandnourish.com I’d love for you to get amazing life changing results just like these!

Tons of love,

Aimie x x x

My top 5 Tips for Happiness…

Hello Lovely People!

This subject has come up quite a lot recently… Happiness!

I’ve been asked by quite a few people, “What makes you so happy?” and it got me thinking about the most important things I do that keep me happy. Don’t get me wrong, I haven’t always been this happy, it has taken work, a lot of reading, a lot of practicing things that help me stay happy, a lot of falling of my happiness wagon and a lot of listening. So here are my top 5 tips that keep me happy…

1. Gratitude… Everyday I make sure that I am grateful for everything I have, I have 2 arms, 2 legs, a face, a head of hair and a house and a job and that’s more than a lot of people. Once you start to feel grateful for the things we take for granted we become grateful for little things we would never have noticed! Like a smile from someone walking past, like having a great friend, like saving a snail from an oncoming bicycle, like watching a bee flying from flower to flower, like being able to help someone because you know it will help them and brighten their day! Simply by becoming grateful your world will change! Check out the book “Magic”, by Rhonda Byrne. This is a step by step guide to gratitude and has actually helped one of my athletes cure her frozen shoulder (in a week!)

So right now list 5 things you are grateful for and why…Go on…Now… Just do it….You will feel better for it, I promise 🙂

Tony Robbins says that he has met so many people who seem so successful and have achieved all their goals, but feel unfulfilled, “when you are grateful you are rich!”

2. Move More Every Day! Emotion comes from motion, if you are sat down hunched over, chances are you will not feel energetic enough to do a cartwheel! When we move we feel alive! So make it a habit to move every day, just go for a walk, while your at it think of 10 things your grateful for, just get outside and move, do something fun, or even try a power pose, simply standing in the wonder woman or Superman posture for 2 minutes will massively improve your hormone balance, slashing your stress hormone cortisol and bumping up your more well balanced testosterone! Do something fun you enjoy, like dancing, tai chi, yoga, line dancing, doing handstands with the kids, jump in puddles or rock out to some music, just move!

3. Meditate – Give yourself the gift of time, your time, you deserve it. I’ve met so many people, myself included who can fall into a pattern of putting everyone else’s needs before their own. Simply down load the “calm app” on the iPhone or iPad and just start doing 2 minutes a day, then after a week try 5 minutes a day! It will actually help you to be the best you you know you can be! It will stop you just grabbing junk food, or putting something you wish you hadn’t on facebook or just feeling so exhausted.

Did you know that it is proven that meditation improves brain function? Plus, deep breathing actually boosts your metabolism? It also slows the ageing process! So we will be slimmer, smarter, younger versions of ourselves in no time!

4. Eating as well as you can and staying hydrated is essential to my happiness! If I don’t eat right for me I don’t feel as bouncy, light, happy, energetic or fun! By eating lots of alkaline, raw foods we are feeding our cells, digestion is easier and we spend less time recovering from what we’ve eaten or drank. My good friend Suzie doesn’t drink alcohol, so when she goes out and the shots are given out she throws it over her shoulder (no-one notices) make a decision for yourself that you deserve to be happy and healthy and do it for you! No-one else! When you do it for yourself you will stick to it and any peer-pressure will roll off your back!

When I was little I always felt sick and it wasn’t until I’d lost 4 stone and given up dairy that I started waking up without a headache! I didn’t know it was an option! Just because you’ve never felt the benefits of feeling amazing doesn’t mean you can’t start!

You are worth this!

5. Have a chat with your inner 5 year old… Ok, this may sound strange, but I often refer back to my 5 year old self, would she think I was a cool grown-up? If not, I know I’m doing something wrong! My inner 5 year old wanted to jump off stuff, she wanted to feed the world and do good things, she wasn’t interested in material things, she wanted to play. She wanted to help starving people in Africa and donate shoe boxes at Christmas and get up early because there was so much fun stuff to do at the weekend! If there was an option to play, that was always the option, so make a play date with yourself to do something you used to do, like sewing, knitting, karate classes, litter picking (I loved litter picking at school) spinning in circles until you fell over, reconnect with that fun part of yourself and drop the baggage that comes with being an adult, it’s much more fun!

So there you have it… The things that make me happy, give them a go and let me know how you get on! I’d love to hear what inspires you!

Have fun lovely ones!xx

Happy Summer Smoothie Recipe

Good Morning Happy People!

I just wanted to share this delicious smoothie recipe with you now that raspberries are coming into season! This smoothie is packed full of fibre and vitamins and minerals to make your bodies and minds happy and healthy! Enjoy!

Love Aimie xx


Hello lovely people!

I hope today finds you well!

We had a great corestick class last night, we worked up a great sweat and had a very interesting discussion which has inspired today’s blog…. Compliments… Giving them and receiving them.

So, over the last year I’ve made daily meditation and self reflection part of my daily routine and it has been an incredible year. Some things have been really hard to come to terms with, old habits that have held me back and even behaviors I have noticed that I’m not proud of, but it has helped me change into the person I want to be.

One of the things I used to do was hold myself back, weather it was not saying something to someone that might help, at the risk of them thinking I was weird, or not doing something I really wanted to. Or, as we spoke about last night, complimenting someone on something I admired in them, again because I was worried about what they might think of me… It is quite a British trait to not take a compliment, for example, “I love your dress” might get a response like, “oh, this, it was only £5 from primark” or “your hair looks lovely” might get a “oh god, it needs a wash” or even “have you lost weight, you look great” might get a “oh no, I’m having a fat day” or “I don’t know how, I’ve eaten like a pig” who has done this? My hand has to go up too!

But I want to get you and myself to get better at accepting these compliments. Last night we were talking about how hard it is sometimes giving a compliment, our inner mean girl or boy might tell us that we can’t say that, or they might think your weird or they might give us a funny look. But go on, tell your friend how much they brighten your day, tell a co-worker how incredible they look, or even the mum in the park how happy her children look around her.

Even writing this I feel inspired to go out now and tell people what a positive affect they have on my life.

The key to change is to do something towards your goal right now… So I’m going to send 5 messages now to people who inspire me to say thank you and why they are so awesome!

Go and make someone else smile, you will feel fantastic afterwards!

Love Aimie xx