Mark Penny Testimonial

I received a lovely testimonial from such a wonderful man I used to train in Sydney and just had to post it. Mark is an incredible doctor in Sydney and he was such a pleasure to work with and in the 2 years I had the pleasure of training him he achieved amazing things with his body! I was so impressed by how far he came!

I am very lucky, over the past 17 years as a trainer, to have found the best mentors and had access to some of the best courses in the world, that I am able to work with each individual to achieve their goals while working with injuries, pain, health issues etc. When I first qualified as a trainer when I was 19, I very quickly realised how complex each person is and how we all have such varying medical histories, so I have dedicated the past 17 years to continually learning more to help the amazing people I get to train. I was lucky enough to use this knowledge to create really challenging programs for Mark that were safe, vary varied, fun and enjoyable.

“I am a 58-year-old physician with a number of grumbling mild musculoskeletal problems: nothing that ever stopped me training and getting fit, just needing good supervision and motivation. Being medical, I am often very sceptical of the credentials and experience of many personal trainers. In other words, whether they have the skills and experience to train people effectively and safely. I had no doubts regarding Aimie’s abilities.

Aimie trained me for over two years across two gyms for three one-on-one sessions per week (well, most weeks). I have never been so fit, and it was the first time I had been down to an ideal body weight since my 20s (I was also on a sensible diet).

She is very experienced and versatile in how she structures her sessions. She has an excellent understanding of how to tailor individual programmes which also made sense from a biomechanical and physiological perspective – ie. my BS detector never went off. The programmes were not repetitive and she integrated many different styles and techniques in her training to keep sessions interesting and challenging.

Aimie has a lovely personality. She is scrupulously honest. She is a very sensible and gentle motivator: never pushing too far or not far enough for my abilities (or previous injuries). I should by saying I hate exercise but looked forwards to my sessions.

My son is an Exercise Physiologist who also trained with Aimie in one of the gyms in which she worked. He also spoke very highly of her professional and interpersonal skills.

I should add that one of the most experienced and respected personal trainers in Sydney (specialising in middle-aged and older clients), whom I know personally, suffered an injury that took her out of work for a few months and she asked Aimie to train her back to fitness.

I could not recommend Aimie highly enough and was very sad to lose her back to the UK. Should she return to Sydney I’ll be back on her books immediately.

I wish her well in her career back home.

Dr Mark Penny PhD MBBS FRACP

Exciting News…. Meet Mike

Hello gorgeous people!!

Meet my amazing friend Mike, he is awesome! He is inspirational and I think you all need to meet him!

As you all know, I’m a huge fan of meditation and love my daily practice of either breath work, visualisation meditations or one of my favourite’s, Yogic Nidra (I’ll post a do-along-at-home version for you all to try soon!)

After spending the past few years practicing Buddhism, Mike wants to share his amazing knowledge with everyone, if you’d like to come we’d love to have you!

So….I’m very excited to let you know he will be guest hosting this Monday’s meditation evening starting 7 pm @ The Move and Nourish Studio.

This will be an amazing opportunity to learn what life is like in Buddhist monasteries, some Buddhist meditation techniques and learn more about happiness through teachings of the Buddha. I can’t wait to hear and learn more!


Mike is so incredibly passionate about health and happiness through the combination of amazing nutrition, exercise and of course meditation!

To attend this wonderful evening please message myself or the lovely Mike and we just kindly ask for just a donation to the Worcester Snoezelen charity on the evening.

Happy weekend everyone and here’s to an even happier week!!

Love Aimie xx

Dessert Special – Tasty Tuesday

11219006_719974374798056_4843369836269679610_nDo you fancy learning how to make amazing, sin-free desserts? Got a sweet tooth like I do??

Aimie’s next Tasty Tuesday is on Tuesday 29th September @ 7pm and she will guide you through some yummy & nutritious food & drink, including:

* a delicious green smoothie upon arrival
* a brilliantly quick & easy, nourishing salad you can recreate at home for the whole family and
* three amazing, raw-some desserts which will satisfy every sweet tooth going!!

We’re keeping spaces limited so people can really get involved on the night and make the most of the evening, so if you’re tempted by some yummy desserts, don’t delay… Get in touch! xx11938034_719979024797591_275588309091405208_n

I love BBQ…

Hello Food Fans!

If you are anything like me you will totally love summer and all of the delicious foods that come with it… sun ripened strawberries, fresh juices and salads, super sweet fruits and BBQ’s!! “Say what? BBQ? Aren’t you vegan?” I hear you cry, yes I am, but that doesn’t stop me totally enjoying delicious foods, I just have to be creative… So here are my best three easy BBQ meal ideas…



This was my first and quickest BBQ inspired meal…

BBQ Raw Pepper Burgers and Sweet Fries

1. simply chopped sweet potatoes, slowly cooked in a little coconut oil.

2. cut an orange pepper into 3 slices and fill with sliced avocado and broccoli or alfalfa sprouts (found in any good health food shop)

3. Top off with a slice of tomato and a little organic mustard (I had to get mine from wholefoods as every other place had nasty preservatives or E numbers in – we can do better than that right?)

4. Add a little pink Himalayan Salt and black pepper and any extra sprouts (highly nutritious and definitely a food you want in your weekly food intake) And enjoy!





As it’s summer, we definitely need some beautiful hydrating food in our lives, so this amazingly quick watermelon juice is perfect! Simply chop the melon up and blend until smooth… that’s it! (A few posts down you should find a video on how to do this…)


BBQ Quinoa Wraps

This is a variation of my mongo wraps in my book, ‘Nourish with Aimie’ using nice big spring green leaves we get a fantastic base of alkalising greens, fibre and alkalising minerals with loads of taste…

1. Cook the quinoa for 15 minutes while prepping the rest of the food. After 15, take off the heat and allow to absorb remaining fluid and add in some BBQ spices, I used an organic BBQ mix I found in Las Vegas Wholefoods, but any sugar free mix will work

2. Wash your green and slice out the middle ‘vein’ that’s too tough to eat (can be juiced later) chop avocado and peppers, pick any herbs, I used micro herbs I’ve grown at home, coriander and cress, so easy and delicious!

3. Down one side of the ‘vein’ simply fill with quinoa, veggies and avo and some mustard (as before) then roll the filled side to the centre, fold in both ends and finish rolling to create your wrap and cut in half…That’s it! Enjoy!

In my next blog I will share with you my BBQ burgers and raw coleslaw! Yum! Happy Tuesday!xx

“The more you do… the more you can do”

Hello!!! Happy Monday all! I hope you are all well!

I just had to share a little story about a wonderful lady I train, Julie, she is an amazing woman, with an amazing daughter and beautiful grandchildren! Julie always inspires me with her amazing attitude, never ending kindness and the love she has for her family!

Julie is also very determined and when she sets her sights on a goal nothing gets in her way…

Last week Julie text me to say she couldn’t get to training this week as she looks after her grandchildren in the day, so could she have another session that week (rather than missing a week or catching up at some time, she wanted to get it in!)… well, I was very impressed and I told her so on her second session that week and she said how much she was enjoying training and her green smoothies, she’s looking fantastic, but feels so much better and the best thing is that she enjoys it!

She then said, ‘the more you do, the more you can do!’ So simple, but so true and I thought this advise might just help anyone reading this. It’s not about trying to do everything a once, but adding in better things along the way. For example, as you move more the more you are able to move with ease, the more weights you lift the more weight you can lift, the more green smoothies you make the quicker and more efficient you become, the longer you prepare healthy meals for (weeks, into months, into years) it just becomes habit and we become more efficient, it seems like it becomes easier and just part of our lives.

With many of my client’s you find very quickly that the things they found really tough in the beginning end up being more of a warm up after a few weeks, goals we’ve worked on end becoming easy and we strive for new challenges. Things we had to get ourselves physically or mentally prepared for become easy and effortless!

So, if you have a goal, just start, the longer you keep pursuing that goal the closer you will get and as Julie says, ‘the more you do, the more you can do!

Go Julie!xx

Turmeric…let’s give it a go…

Happy Monday lovely people!!!

So…you’ve all heard the hype, you need Turmeric, it’s anti inflammatory, countries that use Turmeric have a much lower rate of disease, it’s a super food right… but how to use it?


Well, I just need to tell you this and then we will get onto the yummy nourishing stuff… sugar, the white stuff in biscuits, cakes, ketchup, Pringles, jarred tomato sauces, microwave meals, breads and so many more things cause chronic inflammation, so to reduce inflammation firstly cut out these refined sugars, eat fresh home made foods, as local, seasonal and organic as you can, or grow them yourselves and try adding in some Turmeric.

While I’m on the subject, fruit is not the same as white sugar, fruit is packed full of nutrients, minerals, fibre, fluids that hydrate and nourish your cells. If you are eating whole fresh fruit, that’s fantastic!!

You can get Turmeric in two ways, dried and in a ground powder or fresh in it’s root form, I love the root form! So, I’m going to share with you many ways to add Turmeric into your food….

So here is the first way I started using Turmeric, in a juice

The Orange Healer

-1 kg of organic carrots
-1 Turmeric root
-1 small chunk of ginger
-1 lemon
-1 lime
-1 orange

turmeric juice

pop all ingredients through the juicer and enjoy!

So I hope you enjoy this juice and keep nourishing that gorgeous body of yours!

Happy Monday all!xx

Good Luck in the London Marathon!


Good Morning Sports Fans!

Today is the day…It’s the London Marathon!!! Woooooo Hoooooo!!! Good luck to everyone running today! You’ve put in all the hard work and training, now it’s time to enjoy it!

After working with BBC Hereford and Worcester this week to produce some video’s for runners and those who fancy starting running I just wanted to share a few more points with you all… so lets get started!

Enjoy it all! The best tip I can give is to enjoy race day, enjoy the build up and enjoy the journey! Simply by having an attitude of positivity and being proud of yourself will make a ton of difference! If it’s your first Marathon just be super grateful that you’ve had the ability to get there! You’ve had time to train, you’ve got the health to do this! It’s an awesome achievement! Celebrate your awesomeness!

Even if you’ve trained, but don’t feel you’ve done enough, maybe you got a cold and missed a week of training, let it go and simply be proud you got this far! In my opinion, even if your training didn’t go to plan, there should still be a base level of fitness there to get around the whole thing, even if you have to walk a little, you did it!


Visualise it as if it’s already done Believe in yourself, see yourself as fit, healthy, strong, an athlete in your own right! A bad-ass that wild animals couldn’t stop! You were born for this! Own it! Love it! You are a runner! This strong, positive state will weed out any doubts, any fears and stomp on those who might try to put you off! You can do this!


Look after your Feet, Hips and Upper Back most runners do calf stretches, hamstring stretches and maybe a shoulder stretch, but what I look at creating with my clients are fantastic feet, hips and upper backs, to run you don’t actually need to be super flexible, you need the ability to move in a way that suits running! You want feet the react well, hips that move well for running and your upper back should be proud and open, this will help you to feel light and move your energy forwards, not to feel heavy and that you have to drag yourself around. I’ve seen amazing results with people simply by opening up their upper backs!

I had one client who’s foot always hurt when he hit 6 miles, by opening his upper back we got rid of that ‘niggle’ in a session or two!

Hopping and Knee Boxing these two moves are your best friend to improve your running! Running is a movement which causes you to only ever be on one foot, therefore hopping is a fantastic training tool for you to improve your running and to actually make running easier. Knee boxing is also wonderful, it’s a tough one on the lungs, which will improve your fitness levels and it is also a great move for the upper back, it gets hip flexors firing and creates a little tension in the abdomen, helping efficiency!

Hydrate I know a lot of people use those running drinks, but to make a super healthy version which is far cheaper why not try a mixture of water with lemon and lime squeezed in and a pinch of pink Himalayan salt. This is a natural isotonic drink that will hydrate your body even better than just plain water!

green jiuce

You can also try adding in young coconuts and vegetable and fruit juices while you train and see how much better you feel!

coconut water

Carb Up! Ok, so most people get excited about carbing up for running, pizza, pasta, you know the drill. But I personally prefer to use much more natural, non-processed foods, which are far more easily digestible like fruits, greens and tons of veg, so why not try a green smoothie? They are natural, full of vital nutrients and great energy, plus they are anti-inflammatory, alkaline, refined sugar free, gluten free, dairy free and delicious!

Also greens help feed the blood, increase oxygen levels (your cardio health will shoot up) and will fill you full of iron!

Check out my new book, ‘Nourish with Aimie’ for a whole host of delicious recipes which have massively helped boost my fitness levels!

nourish with aimie

raw juice

Game Day Rountine I recommend doing your long run every Sunday when you start training, build and awesome routine that you can carry on through to the big day! You might wake up, drink some water and lemon juice, maybe a great green smoothie/ juice. Listen to the songs that make you excited, have a specific warm up rountine, then head out, have a playlist you enjoy and maybe a few power songs you can switch to when your mind is trying to talk you out of it. Then as you build up the miles over the weeks try different things to keep you going. I know the gels are popular, but you could try taking a raw juice with you and see how you feel on that.

I personally believe that you want to nourish your body with incredible nutrients, not pump it full of chemicals that we still are unsure of the long term effects of, just to get a time. Your body is your only home, please take care of it!


Cheerleaders We all need them! So get your name printed on your T-shirt and get that crowd to back you all the way! Be a rock star for the day and let the energy carry you through!

So good luck to every runner out there!

The fact your doing this is amazing!

To anyone who fancies starting running we run a specific running session on the first Saturday of every month at Aimie Smith Personal Training, so if you want to come and join the fun, we would love to help!

Have fun and keep moving!

Love Aimie xxx

You can do it!

Aloha Lovely People!

This week I’ve been thinking about and reflecting on the power of the phrase “you can do it!” – what does it mean to you?

I wanted to share a quick story with you from my teens… When I was 16, I had just started my journey to better health. I saw my GP around this time and he said: “Well done, you’ve lost some weight”, to which I replied with a beam “Yes I have, thank you!!!”

However, he then quickly followed up his first comment with: “But don’t ever think you’ll be slim, your whole family are overweight. It’s in your genes. Don’t set yourself up for failure!” What positive advice for a 16 year old girl!

dream big

With that comment, he gave me both the determination to prove him wrong but more importantly, the focus to prove to myself that I was on the right path and that I should follow my dreams to become super healthy and active! From that moment, I decided I was going to be fearless and was going to do it! And the penny dropped, I was the only person who could make it happen!

My point is this: sometimes people, events or things in life happen which can knock us (if we let them). But I look at such things as challenges to overcome and are simply there to make achieving our dreams all the better! The taste of victory is even better when you’ve really had to fight for it!


So don’t ever let anyone talk you out of your dreams… YOU are capable of so much and can do anything!

I now look back at my 16 year old self with a smile: I was really quite shy at the time but something sparked inside me to say “I’m ready to change, ready for something better, ready to be happier in my skin, ready to be more than everyone expected!” And although we always strive for more, I did it.

So make today your day, take a moment and think of something that makes you swell with pride about yourself or what you’ve achieved. Take that feeling and run with it.

No one who has ever followed their passions will ever accept being told they can’t do something. They might accept that it will take hard work, changes in behaviour or routine and sacrifices, but they will always tell you it was worth it!

So remember that YOU CAN DO IT. Whether it be eating better, training harder, hydrating more or whatever it is that you want to take on!

So the next question is: what do you dream of achieving?

Love Aimie x

Anti-inflammitory Turmeric Smoothie

Good afternoon! I’m on a roll this week, I feel I’ve got so much I need to share with you all!

This morning I made this utterly delicious smoothie which will delight your taste buds and also sooth your cells!


It’s super simple and soooo tasty! Turmeric is amazing and has been linked to the very low cancer rates in parts of Japan and India, It is an anti-inflammitory and tastes lovely! It’s bright orange colour tells you your in for some serious goodness!

I’ve added in some romaine lettuce, to get our greens in and to alkalise our systems, lemon, to cleanse and alkalise, raw honey (I’ve got a post-seminar detox cough, honey helps the turmeric stick to the throat) black pepper, this helps to absorb the properties from the turmeric and water to mix, plus some frozen mango, 1 banana and 1/4 avocado for it’s good fat and vital nutrients!


Simply blend…

6-8 romaine leaves
frozen mango – about 1/3 mango
2 turmeric root pieces
300 ml water
dash of course black pepper
1 banana
1/4 avocado

and take a deep breathe, smile and enjoy!xx

Welcome to the CMT – The CORE Momentum Trainer

Hello Lovely People!

I hope you are all enjoying the warmer weather and are excited about the summer wardrobes coming back out and feeling the warm sun on your skin! I am! I’ve already been eating my watermelons in the garden getting that awesome vitamin D in!

Now I want to introduce you to a super awesome piece of kit, the CMT or CORE Momentum Trainer… this is going to be the next big thing when it comes to fitness and I want to share it with you all. I’ve been using the CMT for 2 years now and love it, I’m also very excited to share with you that I am now a CMT Master Trainer! Woooo hoooo!


Dr Derek Steveson, a PhD physiotherapist and expert in functional biomechanics who runs the Functional Performance Center in Arizona designed the CMT with has been using this awesome piece of kit on athletes and has experienced amazing results! The CMT is an amazing tool and so versatile we can use it with near enough anyone, from my 76 year old nan wanting to keep moving and get fitter, to my little 5 and 6 year cousins who just want to play to Rob, my black belt bad-ass to professional sports people and so on… My awesome athletes love it and quickly notice the difference in their core and see the results in the mirror!


I’ve used it to help people suffering with sciatica, lower back pain and issues with the foot and ankle and much much more with fantastic results for anyone looking to get fitter and move better!

It’s fantastic because it has the added bonus of audio feedback, you can literally hear how effective each move is! How cool is that!


This is how Escape fitness and the incredible John Hardy explain how the CMT works,

“The CMT is based around the central Power Core that contains lubricated steel shot. At the end of each movement, this material collides against the Power Core walls with considerable force. The force is transferred to the user’s core via their arms and working hard to precisely control the force is what guarantees an effective workout.

But best of all – and this is what is creating not only a noise, but also a real buzz around the CMT – is that the sound of the collision provides an accurate indication of how well the exercise is being performed.

When you are working effectively with the CMT the material hits the Power Core sweet spot and you hear a sharp, sudden sound. A longer, less focused sound is an indication that you are losing focus or are becoming fatigued, so it’s time to either up the effort or move on to another exercise.”


The best part of all is simply how enjoyable this piece of kit is to use, everyone loves it and the results are amazing.

So what are you waiting for, get booked in to a CMT class with me now and enjoy shaking what your mamma gave you (wink)

Classes are on NOW
Monday 11.15 am
Monday 6 pm
Tuesday 8.45 am
Wednesday 6.15 am
Wednesday 6 pm
Friday 9.40 am
Saturday 9 am

Spaces are limited to 7 per class, so book in ASAP to avoid disappointment!

Have an awesome day all!