Do a good deed… pick up some litter!

Good afternoon everyone!

I hope this sunny week is treating you well! On a happiness note, doing a good deed makes us feel good, increases our happiness hormones and our inner awesomeness shines out!

litter picking

So for the past few weeks every time I empty the bins at the studio I walk home collecting every piece of litter I see. My walk home takes exactly 3 minutes, 350 steps and crosses a main road. In those 3 minutes I usually collect 30-40 pieces of litter! Mainly old lottery tickets, cigarette packs and cans, but I decided a few weeks ago if I don’t do something no-one else will!


So I’m asking for some help… if 100 people all picked up 30 pieces of litter just once a week that would be 3000 less pieces of litter polluting out streets, plus, if others see us, it might just inspire more people to join in!

be the chan

Who’s with me wellness warriors?

Post a picture of you litter picking this week and tag me in it and you might just win yourself a FREE Personal Training or Food Session with yours truly!


Stay awesome!!

Love Aimie xxx

Bonus Recipe!!! Goooey Birthday Cup-Cake….mmmmm

Hello my beauties!

In all of the excitement of the book release this week I’ve been floating on cloud 9 and am feeling even more inspired than usual!

It was my awesome designer James’s birthday on Tuesday, so I got my butt in the kitchen to make him something special! James has over-hauled his diet this year and has seen the amazing benefits from cutting out gluten and dairy! James is actually unable to eat almonds and avocados, it makes his throat itch, as I’ve said before, we are all slightly different and different things suit! I’d usually use avocado for a cup-cake frosting, but had to think of an alternative… this led to the best cup-cake ever…

nourish with aimie


-6 dates
-2 tsp raw walnut butter
-1 tbsp raw coconut flour
-1 tsp raw cacao powder

Blend together to make a gooey cake mix and smoosh into cupcake cases


-1/2 mug cashew nuts
-drop of water
-1 tsp raw honey
-1/2 tsp raw vanilla powder

blend until smooth (add more water if it’s crumbly) and spread all over your cake, don’t forget to lick the spoon!

Then decorate with raw cacao nibs

This literally took 10 minutes to make!

Enjoy the guilt free treat all!

Love Aimie xxx

Just Start…

just start

This morning we had a very inspiring conversation in Bootcamp, talking about the feelings we feel on a consistent basis about our lives. Over the 10 years I’ve been privileged to spend training people it’s become quite apparent that people who feel they are progressing in their personal lives and are doing things that inspire them get better results… Our mood affects our hormones, which will then effect everything else… Cortisol is linked to abdominal fat, so therefore, if we do the things that make us happy, we change our states, which can actually change how we move, look and feel! We all know that person who is happy, confident, loves life and looks great right? So find something you’ve always wanted to do and just start doing it!! You don’t have to be perfect, you just have to start loving your life!! We’ve got 1 lovely lady who is going to learn Italian, another who is going to take up photography, we have a half marathon in the pipeline and my personal goal is to get back into drawing!! Do something for yourself!! Everyday we trade a day of our lives to do what we are doing! How will you spend today?

Anti-inflammitory Turmeric Smoothie

Good afternoon! I’m on a roll this week, I feel I’ve got so much I need to share with you all!

This morning I made this utterly delicious smoothie which will delight your taste buds and also sooth your cells!


It’s super simple and soooo tasty! Turmeric is amazing and has been linked to the very low cancer rates in parts of Japan and India, It is an anti-inflammitory and tastes lovely! It’s bright orange colour tells you your in for some serious goodness!

I’ve added in some romaine lettuce, to get our greens in and to alkalise our systems, lemon, to cleanse and alkalise, raw honey (I’ve got a post-seminar detox cough, honey helps the turmeric stick to the throat) black pepper, this helps to absorb the properties from the turmeric and water to mix, plus some frozen mango, 1 banana and 1/4 avocado for it’s good fat and vital nutrients!


Simply blend…

6-8 romaine leaves
frozen mango – about 1/3 mango
2 turmeric root pieces
300 ml water
dash of course black pepper
1 banana
1/4 avocado

and take a deep breathe, smile and enjoy!xx

Athlete Appreciation Week! Day 2 – Lucy

Ok…. this lady has gone through quite the transformation… Lucy has lost 5 stone! Yes, 5 whole stone, 70 lbs, 31.8 kgs!


But the thing I’d really like to tell you about Lucy is that she lost 4 stone, then hit a plateau… “Ahhhh, a plateau…to be expected” said the wise man. When we pleateau we have to make a change… change creates change! Lucy stopped losing weight for 1 year, she continued to train, her body shape changed and is now one of my strongest girls, but she didn’t give up. We tried a few things and I eventually persuaded her to see my amazing nutritionist, Claire McDonald, who gave her a bespoke program to follow based on Lucy’s entire history. Within 2 months of just making a few tweaks, she has lost another stone and looks incredible! Her goal is to be super fit and healthy for life!

Lucy is getting married in 2016 and she is going to make the most beautiful bride inside and out!

So, here are the 3 things Lucy does consistently to stay on track…

1. She works out 3-6 times every week, coming to my early morning and evening bootcamps and is super active, cycling and trying new things. This is her lifestyle!

2. She sticks to her nutrition plan and loves it, she loves that her skin looks amazing and she is getting leaner, fitter and healthier! It is a positive that she looks after herself!

3. Lucy is open to trying new things. Lucy just ran her first 5 km run and is now training for a 10 k! She went to see the nutritionist who explained why she needed to adjust what she was doing and she can now see the results!

Well Done Lucy!

You Rock!

Love Aimie xxx

Round of Applause Please…


Hello! And happy Tuesday!

Doesn’t it always feel amazing when we only have a 4 day week ahead?

After a beautiful sunny bank holiday weekend I’m feeling extremely grateful, to not only my wonderful friends and family for being incredible humans, but to my incredible group of awesome people who come and train and learn with me, so this week is my athlete appreciation week…So let’s kick it off with this wonderful girl… Ash…

Ash is just 20 years old, studying at Worcester Uni and one very, very dedicated young lady! She has been coming to see me for just 2 months and has already achieved a few very incredible tasks! As a student, she is 100% committed to eating a very clean, alkaline diet, mainly plant based with tons of vegetables, fruit and a little meat. Ash is the only student I’ve ever known to get up early for training and is so eager I love it!

Ash has already lost 10 kg (22lbs) in 8 weeks and looks incredible, her skin is glowing and her eyes are bright. But the best part for me is what a happy lady I get to see each session, the difference in just 2 months is so inspiring and I love that Ash will help to inspire others to become the best versions of themselves!

Here are the 3 things that I believe are a real key to Ash’s success…


1. Ash has a very clear goal, to lose 1 kg per week, but understands that muscle weighs more than fat and is noticing other fantastic effects of her lifestyle change. So that the weight is not her only source of happiness. Her clothes are looser, eveyone is complimenting her and she FEELS better!

2. Ash is following a diet high in vegetables which alkalises, cleanses, energises and keeps her feeling satisfied!

3. Ash is living a more active lifestyle, walking everywhere and training 3 times a week, walking to and from work counts as part of her plan and she keeps track of her steps with a pedometer.

So well done Ash! Keep up the awesome work!

Love Aimie xx

Positive Thinking Creates a Positive Future

dd5d9cca8da30ee0abd9eb974e9502acHey lovely people!

I just wanted to share with you all a wonderful quote I heard from the lovely Elizabeth from Forking Fit…

Positive Thinking Creates a Positive Future

I think it’s wonderful, it says it all!


So today, focus on what is right in your life! What you’ve achieved! What you’ve done well that a year ago, you didn’t think you could do…. I’ve got a gorgeous group of ladies who I get to train and a year ago they found running hard, yet this weekend some of them are running their first 5 km in the St. Richard’s hospice, colour run and I’m so so so proud of each of them!

So choose to be proud of yourself, of what you’ve overcome, what you’ve stuck with or changed where needed!

Let go of anything you no longer need and choose happiness and positivity!

Let yourself be happy!

Have a wonderful afternoon everyone!

Love Aimie xx

Dare to Breathe – breathing challenge – Week 1 – 30 breaths

Hello Lovely People!

I’m really excited about this challenge…I started it last week and just had to share it with you all and what better day to start than a Monday?

so, let’s get started….

I love lent, and decided to give up shallow breathing… yep, shallow breathing!

A few years ago I went to work abroad and in the two weeks working away I got results in my body I’d never had! I felt incredible, I dropped about 5 lbs that have always bugged me and I felt strong, lean, happy light and my skin glowed. When I got home I tried to keep hold of these results, but it didn’t stick. But I didn’t know quite what had made the difference. I’d started meditating and started up yoga, but continued these when I returned, but I didn’t have that sparkle I had when I was away and I’ve been trying to find it ever since!

Screen shot 2015-02-23 at 09.16.29

Funnily enough, when we go on holiday, the same happens, I get that light feeling…What could it be?

Breathing! Yes, simple old breathing!

When I’m at home, although I meditate and practice deep breaths in my meditation time, I’ve found myself literally holding my breath. I’ve noticed it when I have too many jobs on my to do list or when I’m rushing out of the house to get to work.

So, I’m taking part in a 12 week breathing program and I thought you’d like to try it?

In the next few blog posts I’ll explain more about breathing and why it works, but this week simply, all I request is that you breathe 10 long deep belly breaths 3 times a day, thats it!

You can do them all in one go in the morning and any extra is a bonus, but that’s it for this week! Next week I’ll give you task number 2!

So go on, take a deep breath, exhale, do this 9 more times and you’re there!

Ohhh…I’m excited!

In one week I’ve noticed a dramatic change in my stomach, people have asked if I’ve lost weight, I feel even more energetic and my skin looks better! Plus I’ve noticed my thoughts are even more positive! Result!

Please let me know how you get on and I can’t wait to hear all your results!

Breathe deeply!

Aimie xx

Welcome to ‘Nourish with Aimie’

Screen shot 2015-02-07 at 17.10.24

Hello Lovely Lovely People!!!

I hope you are all enjoying the glorious sunshine!

I am very, very proud to announce that finally my first recipe book, ‘Nourish with Aimie’ is complete! It’s been an incredible journey and a lot of fun making all my favourite food and photographing it for the book of recipes that simply keep me feeling alive and incredible!

I hope you all love it as much as I enjoyed creating it for you!

To download simply copy and paste the link here…

I’m so excited to see all your awesome recipes!

Have fun and always nourish yourself!xx