Hardcopies of the book are now available!!!! Woooooo!!!!!

Hello Gorgeous People!

nourish with aimie

I’m super duper stoked… stoked, yep, that is a new word to my vocab! We’ll go with it… I’m sooooo excited to share my new book with you in a hard copy!

I started writing it 2 years ago with a 14 page plan, which spread to a 254 page full book! I made the decision that if I was going to write a book it had to be the best book I could possibly produce! With the help of the amazing Laura and James from Method design, Matt and Nigel editing and me writing, photographing and making the food, Suzie and Dot taking photo’s of me doing my thing and my awesome Husband taking the from cover photo we’ve produced something I really believe will help people!

nourish with aimie

When I had to change my diet I felt stuck and live on carrots and hummus and was know by my friends I’d go on Faster courses with as “hummus girl”! My mum and little cousins would let me know I smelt like hummus, so I decided I needed a bit more variety to stay super healthy and hopefully smell better, so I got in the kitchen.

I really thought about making this book the most inspiring thing I possibly could, so got Method design involved as I wanted every single page to inspire and empower you to take care of yourself and make better choices because you are worth it!

nourish with aimie

One thing that always stopped me making recipes in other book was that there were no photo’s so every single recipe has an image to tempt you into the kitchen and have fun!

I also don’t like that the page always flips over when using other recipe books, so I made sure we could get it ring bound so that it sits flat or can be folded if needed.

nourish with aimie

I’d like to inspire you to make your copy individually yours, make notes, underline the things that jump out at you, make it your for your food journey!

The thing I hope really comes through in my book is that we are all slightly different, we’ve all consumed different things over the years, we are all mentally different, some of us believe food is fuel, others, like me love food and love eating, some believe they can eat anything and never gain a pound and others say they only have to look at a cake and gain 10 lbs…. We al come from different directions and have a variety of things that work for us, for example, I love fruit, I feel amazing on fruit and loads of salad and veg, but had to give fruit up for 3 years while my body healed, detoxed and rested, after gently introducing it back in it gives me tons of energy, whereas I have friends in the fitness and health industry who feel better on high (healthy) fats and veg, we are all happier and healthier than we’ve ever been and happy to agree we all need slightly different things.


So enjoy the journey, enjoy playing and getting to know yourself better, become the person who knows what’s best for you and become your own cheerleader! Celebrate every single thing you place in your body that will nourish you! Because you are truly awesome and when you look after yourself you will see it shine out of you even more than before!

Have an awesome Sunday gorgeous peeps!

Love Aimie!xxx