The Christmas Press Ups Challenge!!! Wooo…bring on the little red dress/cut off shirt!!!

Good morning all!

I hope you are enjoying the sunshine! With the build up to Christmas coming in, 84 days to go!!! Myself and all of my lovely athletes have come up with a group goal. Having a goal is always good, but you can hugely maximise your results with the help, encouragement and a bit of friendly competition that comes with doing your goal with friends!

So, we decided there is nothing cooler than being able to show off at the Christmas party with your impressive fitness ability and toned arms in that little red dress, feeling great about your body and having everyone else in awe while they tuck into all that buffet and booze, which our hot bodies are far to amazing to be tortured with! Pass the carrot sticks please!

So I have come up with a program to keep you gorgeous people motivated and to get us to 30 full, functional, super impressive press ups!

Enjoy, have fun and move! Aimie x