Leon’s Testimonial

I worked with Aimie in the movement and coaching industry for over 2 years in Sydney, Aimie has been a mentor of a lifetime, to say Aimie is a master in understanding movement is an understatement, she is the coaches coach, she will prescribe you the right amount of movement medicine in the style that you prefer, to reach the goals that you desire. she is also a lovely person and will meet you where you need to be met, showing up entirely for you, the client.

-Leon Comino, Sydney, Australia

Craniosacral Therapy Coming To Worcester!

I am really excited to let you all know that we have the wonderful Peter Nicholl, Craniosacral Therapist/ Genius coming to our neck of the woods Tuesday 30th October 2012, spaces are limited, half of the sessions have already been booked! So call me on 07828 296 068 to book an hour long session with Pete, who is just fantastic! I’m looking forward to my session!

Have a great day all!

Aimie x