My Beautiful Bottle…

My beautiful glass bottle




Hello Gorgeous People!

I’m very excited to share with you a little project I’ve been working on and to tell you all more…

2 1/2 years ago I was sat on my yoga mat one sunny Friday afternoon after my morning sessions and I had a very clear vision. To create My Beautiful Bottle…

I knew exactly how I wanted them all to look and exactly what I wanted to do… All in an instant, so I got up and went straight to my good friends at our local print shop, sign city and John helped me print our first prototypes, now I can show you the first batch of My Beautiful Bottle…So here they are…

My beautiful glass bottle




My dream was to inspire everyone I could to firstly drink more water, (In 2013 1,158 elderly people in the UK died through dehydration) it is a major cause of tiredness and fatigue and also weight gain. A lot of the time we look for food, we are actually just thirsty! Then I want to inspire people to drink more fresh juices and more fresh smoothies to add more nutrients and vitality into their lives!

Supporting a great cause was next on the agenda, and we had already heard of an amazing charity, Gardens for Health International who help people in Rwanda to grow their own organic gardens that they can look after and eat from! Providing them with the education to make it sustainable and also to help them every step of the way, from choosing foods each family loves, to picking the right seeds for their soil! They really go above and beyond which is why we love them!

When it came to the design of each bottle I had a very clear vision that had been inspired by the research of Japanese Scientist, Dr. Emoto. His life work found that water frozen after sitting in bottles and jars with positive words crystallises into beautiful snow flakes compared to those in non worded bottles. His message was to always use kind, positive words towards yourself and others as our bodies are 70-90% water it might just effect us in a super positive way! His books are lovely ad so inspiring, always encouraging to look for the best in everyone.

So every bottle has the word Beautiful printed on it to positivity effect us and the water which will enter our beautiful bodies.

Each bottle is made from glass, which makes them fragile, just like us, which is wonderful because it teaches us to really look after something we love, it helps us practice mindfulness and the water always tastes better from a beautiful, non-toxic, ecological bottle. My amazing nutritionist always tells her clients to avoid plastic bottles as they ruin the planet and also our health.

If you got half of your minimum water intake from the shops, you’d use 547.5 bottles in a year, spend £355 and contribute towards the 15 million plastic bottles we throw away each day in the UK. This makes me really sad as it takes 500 years to decompose and kills our home in the mean time.

So, let’s be the change we wish to see and start taking more care of ourselves and our incredible planet…

I wish you all a wonderful day, Christmas and New Year!

If you would like your very own new BFF, simply click this link… My Beautiful Bottle

I can’t wait to share more and more recipes to keep your bottles full and stomachs nourished!

Happy Saturday everyone!

Love Aimie xxx


Naturally All Well and Good

My Beautiful Bottle


Hello Gorgeous People!

I hope you are all very very well!

I’m very very excited to tell you about an amazing organic edition to keep everyone healthy in Worcester, ‘Naturally All Well and Good’, at the ‘Farm Shop’ at our beloved ‘The Fold’ in Bransford… Matt and I love going for amazing organic buffets at the weekend here. They always do amazing vegan, gluten free and sugar free dishes and they even have lovely raw salads too!! Woo Hooo! On the odd occasion there has been something in the food I couldn’t eat they always whip up something delicious and nutritious in a flash!

Screenshot 2015-11-12 22.32.11

Years ago I was very lucky to meet an amazing woman who has inspired me with her incredible attitude and absolute kindness, her name is May and she first came to see me to help her back pain, she was totally dedicated and did all of the exercises I gave her and went to see Claire McDonald, my incredible nutritionist and her health soared! Over the years May became so passionate about good health that she decided she wanted to help others too! So she went to The Fold and set up this amazing store!

Before All Well and Good opened I would travel to london to get my shampoo, organic chemical-free make up and other products like clean tooth paste and organic sunscreen… Our skin is our biggest organ and needs to be looked after just as much as our insides. There are links now to certain chemicals actually lowering our immune systems so much that it causes allergies. On a recent BBC documentary a doctor said that SLS actually causes eczema as soon as it touches the skin! It is in pretty much every mainstream soap! All well and good offer two different lovely natural soaps that are totally clean and wonderful for the skin!

There is organic, vegan, mineral make-up (the only brand not to use talc) by Inika, which I use and actually used for our wedding day, it stayed put all day and I didn’t even have to reapply! Recipe books and bottles, from yours truly, amazing soaps, moisturisers, kids products, shampoos and even organic food!

May has gone to so much effort to find the very best ranges of healthy, nourishing skin care brands and has taught me a lot along the way, so here are my top 5 products from All Well and Good…

our tiny bees candles



1. Our Tiny Bees Vanilla Candles – I didn’t realise that plain old candles could be so toxic until a few years ago, the artificial fragrances are not the healthiest of things to be breathing into our awesome lungs, whereas these candles smell deliciously real and natural, with a beautiful fragrance that works its way around the house and these amazing little fellas burn for up to 45 hours! Awesome right!? We actually have 4 dotted around the house which makes coming home smell super sweet! They are made with soy and bees wax, from local, happy, healthy british bees!


2. A.S Apothecary Sussex Rose Aromatic Water – Having always loved the addition of liquid chlorophyll in my water, to alkalise and add a lovely minty taste to H2O, I was intrigued to try these aromatic waters, simply drop a pipette into your water and sip for a wonderful clean flavour with lovely benefits, I love the taste of rose water and it calms the body and skin helping to heal redness! There are many other lovely flavours to try too! I loved using this on our recent holiday when we were flying to feel even calmer and more relaxed.



3. Our Tiny Bees Lavender Hand Balm – Despite the name I actually use this little beauty as a natural deodorant, I was away on a fitness course in the summer and forgot my usual coconut oil and bicarb deodorant, so gave this a go and love how hydrating and nourishing it is to the skin and the fact that even after 4 days of sweating, I still smelt clean and fresh! May also has a great range of other, equally effective deodorants that I can’t wait to try ranging from honey and vanilla to coriander and lime…mmmmm!
sister and co


4. Sister and Co. Activated Charcoal Tooth Whitening Polish – I had been trying to get my hands on this for months and was delighted when I saw it in the shop, charcoal is very cleansing and a brilliant natural whitener! This doesn’t just work, but makes brushing your teeth fun like halloween every time! After a good brush with the black stuff your witches mouth will be transformed to pearly whites! Simply rub your dry tooth brush into the mixture, brush and admire the results! I use it up to 3 times a week.

all natural soap


5. I’m in love with the all natural soap, it smells amazing, my hands feel soft and I use it all over my body too. I used to always suffer with cracked, bleeding hands when I was little, which turned out to be a reaction to standard soap, so I’ve used natural soaps for years. Also, if I travel I always take an organic hand sanitiser with me as the soaps found on planes, trains and public toilets always irritates my skin. I use either Bentley or or Jurlique.

our tiny bees body scrub


6. Ok…I know I said top 5, but I couldn’t resist a 6th favourite product! As an avid body brusher, sometimes I just want to get in that warm shower! This body scrub is the perfect time efficient tool for super soft skin. With natural almond oil, sugar, honey and vanilla it buffs away old dead skin cells, feeding the body super delicious oils to leave your skin beautifully buffed and smelling sweet enough to eat! Simply jump in the shower, get wet, buff all over and let wash off and done!

I hope you’ve found this post useful, as many of you know I’m quite minimalist in my skin care and nutrition and opt for simplicity, but I also like to feel good and smell nice and I love that there are luxurious products and great prices to really look after ourselves and the planet.

So if you too are an eco warrior who loves a little pampering here and there All Well and Good @ The Fold is the place for you!

Happy weekend everyone!xx