Yum Yum Yum – how I managed to eat while traveling…

Bonjour Lovely people!!!

I hope you are all well!

We have just got back from an amazing trip where we had the absolute pleasure of watching our very close friends getting married! Yay!

As most of you know I am a sensitive soul in many ways, especially when it comes to food. For my health, vitality and energy I stick to a mainly raw vegan diet, except for some gluten free grains when I fancy them. I love my food and I really love how well I feel eating this way. I believe you should find the perfect way for your body to eat, but wanted to share how I maintained my healthy, happy lifestyle away…

– Before I left I froze a ton of frozen bananas, organic spinach and mango, ready for my Monday morning, back in the UK breakfast. I also kept some apples, pears, persimmons and figs in the fridge to keep me going until I got to go shopping (I got home Sunday night at 10.30 pm, started work at 6 Monday morning! Yay Bootcamp!)

So on the way to Heathrow I munched my way through a watermelon and 1 litre water and lemon as well as my lovely kikis green superfoods, enzymes and probiotics! Yum!

Then I also took some blueberries, ripe bananas and salad to keep me going on the flight…

and the boxes are great to use in your hotel room for fresh local fruit snack when needed.

The salad is mu usual favourite, shredded veggies, raw apple cider vinegar, raw coconut aminos (yum!!!) nutritional yeast and avocado! Plus some raw sauerkraut, as you may guess, a little stinky, but completely yummy!

I will update you with some more tips and yummy recipes from Malta over the course of the week, plus, very excitingly… some functional flow exercises to keep you all out of trouble this month! I hadn’t forgotten about our 30 day challenges! 🙂

Have a great day all!

Aimie xxx


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