Where is your happy place?

Hello Beautiful People!

I hope you are all enjoying the lovely Autumn colours and are getting some fresh air daily!

I want to write about your or my happy place today… It can be a place you visit simply through meditation or a place you actually go to. For some people it might be a beach or cafe, for others it might be the gym or on their yoga mat. We all know at some point our happy place will have been or might still be sat on the sofa eating chocolate.

Wherever your happy place is, why not create another happy place? Over the summer my happy place has been paddle boarding, simply in the middle of a lake, balancing with my friend. Now coming into autumn I’ve decided not to mourn the loss of summer, but to add more happy places. So already this week I’ve added in my attic for fun yoga practice, learning new party tricks and playing. The other is walking down by the river, in Worcester we are very lucky to have such a beautiful city, so I’m trying to see more of it.

Your happy place is simply somewhere you can go for yourself, giving yoyrself the gift of time, something that isn’t something you HAVE to do, it’s somewhere you get to go. You might love watching Home and Away, you might love a long bath, you might like meditating that you are lounging on a beach, being fed grapes and being fanned my attractive men, whatever it is, go there more and enjoy some you time!

I promise, it makes everything better! You will listen to others more, you will be the best version of you, you will feel more alive and be more creative. It will calm your nervous system, re-balance your hormones and, best of all, you will enjoy it!

Go on, treat yourself to some you time xx


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