Weight Loss Tip 2 – Relax

Ok, this is a tip everyone seems shocked by, but in today’s hectic lives where families have both parents working, trying to do their best , we seem to have more and more pressure, commitments and things to do, who doesn’t feel like we need more hours in the day?

I meet people every week who find it hard to exercise enough, eat right or even just have a glass of water…So, this tip is very high on my list of priorities!

Meditation, mindfullness, being still or just simply being able to sit and watch your own breath are fantastic tools to improve your immune system, to help your brain to actually be able to uptake information much more effectively, to help you feel better and to actually reduce pain. When our sympathetic nervous systems are over taxed we can feel less than awesome, we can be scared, stressed, anxious, nervous, angry or lethargic. Giving yourself time to relax every day balances your nervous system and changes your outlook. This in turn can reduce your pain, actually calm your stomach, improving digestion and will make you more effective in every way, even in losing excess body fat .

Deep breathing is alkalising and calming and resets your metabolism, I was working away about 2 years ago and decided to start some simple meditation methods, I was really surprized to see my stomach get flatter and my thighs get trimmer, simply from breathing and relaxing! Cool Huh? Not to mention, I felt amazing! Calmer, lighter, more present, I really started to listen to people who spoke to me…

So why not try simply sitting and counting your in and out breaths for a few moments, or download the calm app, Nigel and I are actually working on a new website which will have 1 years worth of meditations for everyone to try, plus exercise and nutrition videos, which I personally can’t wait for!

So, to round up this post I’d just like you to think about how no-one can ever be as mean to us as we are to ourselves, we can be guilty of beating ourselves up or over thinking a conversation we had, possibly thinking we are at fault in a made up scenario in our minds, I think we can agree, this isn’t much use and does not get us closer to being who we truly are, so please, just be kind to yourself, nourish yourself with delicious healthy foods, hydrate and take a little time out to breathe and feel peaceful!

You are worth it!

Love Aimie x


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