Tasty Tuesday

THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU…To all my lovely Tasty Tuesday People who came along last night and ate some healthy, delicious food with Matt and I! Thank you guys, I had a great night!

So we started with a green smoothie (recipe to follow) I know there were already some keen smoothie drinker there and a few pleasantly surprised newbies to the green awesomeness! This stuff is so good for you! My brother-in-law, Chris swears by them, he has a very high powered job and drinking the green keep him fit, healthy, and grey hair free! It is said that grey hair is simply a vitamin deficiency so by blending these super, natural foods we are able to absorb more good stuff! YAY!

We then had one of my favourites… My Raw wraps, completely gluten free, full of natural enzymes and a sweet kick with the mango and cayenne pepper, they are sooo good and sooo easy! I will put a video up soon! They went down really well, all my spring greens were gone! Yay!

Then we went on to try our vitamin A,B,C, E & D Salad, with Lemon, nutritional yeast and avocado, hint of cayenne and loads of fresh veggies, all pre washed in my easy veggie wash (I will post the recipe) Everyone loved the salad and I didn’t even get any 🙂 I think I will survive!

To finish off the wonderful evening we had a sugar free, gluten free, raw, healthy desert!!!!

Once again thank you to everyone! Thank you to Matt, my mum and my nan for their hard work, for Ann, Anna and Georgie for their wisdom and very interesting facts! Thank you to Embrick for his awesome skills as Sue Chef! Thank you to Mel, Ann and Claire for their help, Philippa and Yasmin, were awesome helpers and Kat for being the awesome photographer!

If you’ve never been to one of our Tasty Tuesday classes, come along to the next one! We had a great night and and would love to meet you!

Have fun and keep moving!

Aimie xxx


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