Hey All,

I’m so sorry about the lack of info on the site over the summer, as some of you know there are some very exciting new changes coming ahead, so stay tuned….

With October being the Month to either quit smoking or to go sober for 1 month it got me thinking, what could I improve on in my quest for health, balance and functional fitness?

My goals are all on track in relation to my training and my food is pretty good, but I have become aware of the fact that even when I am content or full after eating, I still continue going until either the plate is empty or I am stuffed., then I might pick on some dates or raw chocolate, because I deserve it or it has been a long day.

I, like most people eat when I’m bored, procrastinating, happy, tired, when I just fancy something… and so on.

So I am making a pledge to in October STOP over eating….

This is quite a scary task for me, having been a former obese child who stuffed her face with cake at parties instead of playing on the bouncy castle. Then being vegetarian and at parties/ buffets etc. having to get in quick for the small selection of veggie options, then as I got older, suffering with health problems and having to cut Gluten, Wheat, Dairy and all Sugar from my diet I became quite protective of my food, my family were brilliant and restaurants are fantastic, but still, I had different foods to everyone else, special salads, veggies etc. I was always given first options of food so that I got enough and I would also put extra on, just to make sure I wasn’t left short when others got their turn.(These meat eater like to tell me I need a steak, but they are quick to try what ever I have going on, proving veggie food can be unbelievably delicious and mouthwatering Wooooo!!! Go veggies!) Also, a lot of the food I buy can be quite expensive, so I never like to “waste” anything. So over the years, as you can see there have been a few habits I have slipped into that have contributed to just eating a little more than I need, now for the challenge…

To Change

Like all plans, I need some strategies to ensure I can do this…

1. I will only eat when I am hungry, waiting until I want to eat.

2. I will remind myself daily that it is ok to feel a bit hungry and to enjoy and look forward to food.

3. Be grateful for the food we have the opportunity to eat, to have the convenience we have and we should be grateful every time we eat!

4. I will stop reading emails, texts, checking facebook, instagram etc. when I am eating.

5. I will sit down and enjoy everything I eat.

6. I will eat a wider variety of food, to keep me excited about the food I eat.

So what will you commit to this month? What could you do to make your bodies job easier?

Please tell me your goals and we can work together to get our best health and fitness yet!

Take care everyone!

Love Aimie xxx


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