Skin… very interesting!

Hey lovely people!!!

I hope you are all well and enjoying the great weather still! I’ve just finished my Wednesday morning Pilates class, I love my ladies! We started talking about a very interesting topic, hot flushes and night sweats…

A few years ago I started getting really bad night sweats, waking up in the middle of winter absolutely soaking wet, even though I always felt cold. So I went to the coolest nutritionist I know, Claire McDonald who helped me heal my body from all sorts of nasty things. Anyway, she simply asked what I was using on my skin, I replied “cocoa butter” which I thought was a pretty good product. I had bought it in Boots and loved the smell. She kindly explained that actually what I was using was full of chemicals and nasty toxins that my poor skin, the largest organ in the body was absorbing into my blood stream and when we sleep it’s our bodies chance to detox. When I was sleeping my body was literally pushing out all of those chemicals to get rid of them.

She also told me that night cream is also the biggest rip off as the skin needs to breath, so only to use a really good natural product on my skin in the morning.

So now I use good quality coconut oil on my body when I need it, maybe 3 times per week and my skin is the softest and in the best condition ever! It turns out that our bodies adapt to whatever we do to it, so by moisturising excessively our skin gets used to it. I found for a few weeks my skin felt so dry and flaky, then I found my trust coconut oil and popped a tsp in my mouth, a teasp on my body and was good to go!

I also make a face scrub using coconut oil and raw coconut sugar (health store) i simply mix the two on my skin, rub it around, use a warm linen cloth to remove and toss it in the wash (only use the cloth once!) I do this once a week, it’s lovely!

Moisturiser wise, I have been using a brand called Ren, but am after something even cleaner so am going to try Dr. Alkaitis, a raw skin food brand who is used by many many celebrities and is so clean you could eat it! I am also trying RMS, coconut oil as a facial moisturiser. I will do a review soon! But check out Rose-Marie Swift’s awesome site, it is fantastic and tells you all about the make-up industry… (where you can get the cleanest products for your lovely skin, it is a wonderful shop in London where I spend hours chatting to the wonderful American girl who works there and she actually did my wedding make up for me!)

So, in a nut shell… your body is gorgeous and absorbs everything that goes on the skin. Respect your skin enough to only put the best stuff on it and the best food in it.

Start by switching your body moisturiser, read beauty truth and gradually replace your old cosmetics for new, better ones that will leave your skin happy and healthy!

Miranda Kerr, nutritionist and super model swears by organic skin care and RMS beauty products, I love the RMS lip balms and living luminiser, high lighting balm!

Have a great day lovelies!xxx


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