September is nearly here! Let’s get back in the gym!

Hello everyone!

Well done to you all for your continued hard work this summer! There have been some fantastic results!

As we move towards Autumn, keeping motivated is key. Therefore, I will be introducing a new incentive for you all…

Those who have been on holiday or have struggled over the summer to keep up with the fitness whilst looking after the kids – I am setting a challenge!

For 10 weeks starting on September 1st I challenge each of you to set 3 goals.

Each goal should excite and challenge you and we will work together to ensure that you achieve them! These goals can be anything from increasing performance, boosting fat loss or improving posture. The person or persons who I judge to have applied themselves best over the 10 week period will win a fantastic prize!

I will hold a meeting at the studio on Tuesday 31st August at 7.30 pm where all will be revealed. Places are limited, so please confirm your space!

Best of luck to you all and I hope to see you at the meeting,


P.S. As usual, those attending will be entered into a draw to win one free personal training session!


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