Round of Applause Please…


Hello! And happy Tuesday!

Doesn’t it always feel amazing when we only have a 4 day week ahead?

After a beautiful sunny bank holiday weekend I’m feeling extremely grateful, to not only my wonderful friends and family for being incredible humans, but to my incredible group of awesome people who come and train and learn with me, so this week is my athlete appreciation week…So let’s kick it off with this wonderful girl… Ash…

Ash is just 20 years old, studying at Worcester Uni and one very, very dedicated young lady! She has been coming to see me for just 2 months and has already achieved a few very incredible tasks! As a student, she is 100% committed to eating a very clean, alkaline diet, mainly plant based with tons of vegetables, fruit and a little meat. Ash is the only student I’ve ever known to get up early for training and is so eager I love it!

Ash has already lost 10 kg (22lbs) in 8 weeks and looks incredible, her skin is glowing and her eyes are bright. But the best part for me is what a happy lady I get to see each session, the difference in just 2 months is so inspiring and I love that Ash will help to inspire others to become the best versions of themselves!

Here are the 3 things that I believe are a real key to Ash’s success…


1. Ash has a very clear goal, to lose 1 kg per week, but understands that muscle weighs more than fat and is noticing other fantastic effects of her lifestyle change. So that the weight is not her only source of happiness. Her clothes are looser, eveyone is complimenting her and she FEELS better!

2. Ash is following a diet high in vegetables which alkalises, cleanses, energises and keeps her feeling satisfied!

3. Ash is living a more active lifestyle, walking everywhere and training 3 times a week, walking to and from work counts as part of her plan and she keeps track of her steps with a pedometer.

So well done Ash! Keep up the awesome work!

Love Aimie xx



  1. I need this ladies motivation. My goal nov 14 was 2 stone by Nov 15….I’ve lost 9 lbs 🙁
    Very inspiring. well done that girl!

  2. I’m writing a plan as we speak Janine! Fancy being a guinea petal?xx

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