Raw Green Alkaline Protein Soup…

Hello Gorgeous People!

I hope you are all wonderful! Christmas is nearly here and already I’m hearing people who are fed up of the poor food choices around Christmas, going out for Christmas meals, having an overload of cakes and chocolates passed around the office, unwanted gifts of refined sugars and trans fats, so this weekend I am making a healthy gift basket for the amazing Laura, who has put days and days of work into helping me get the Nourish with Aimie book together, as a big thank you, I will post details over the weekend!

For those of you feeling like you need an early detox, here is my alkaline, raw green soup, packed full of goodness and hemp seeds for the protein lovers, this is just what you need for the last few days in the office….

Simply blend all ingredients in the blender (minus the avocado) until smooth, once the texture is just right, the blend for 20 seconds with the avo and either drink then and there, or take it to work as lunch or a mid-morning or afternoon snack, this could be a breakfast for those who don’t consume much fruit as well!

Enjoy and let me know what you think!

Love Aimie xx


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