Raspberry Banana (Raw Vegan) Ice Cream Shake…


Ohhh wow…this “milk shake” was totally delicious on Sunday, it was so easy and reminded me of banana milkshakes when we were kids! It’s totally healthy, raw, vegan, sugar free, gluten free and awesome!

It only needs 4 ingredients…

8 ripe bananas
300g frozen raspberries
300 ml water

simply blend the bananas and water until smooth and creamy, the add ice and blend to get an ice-cream consistency you like and that is quite thick (as banana sizes vary, you might want to add more bananas or more water to get desired thickness.

pour 1/2 the mixture into a jug, then blend the raspberries in with the rest of the mixture.

Then pour banana mix into a glass, then use a spoon to fill in the next layer of raspberry mix, then gently pour banana mix on top, using a spoon to slow down the pouring, keep going on until the glass is full and looks like a masterpiece, then pop a raspberry on top and enjoy with someone special!

Serves 2 awesome peopleHave a wonderful day!xx


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