Press-ups to try at home with Ann-Marie

One of my lovely Bootcampers helped me out with some photos of Press Ups on Monday as my arms were too sore to move… so here are some moves to keep your press ups fun…

Doing a normal press up, lowering your weight fully to the ground will get a greater range of movement, get back up and lower again. The lowering phase of an exercise is always easier than the lifting phase as gravity helps out. You may have heard of negative sets before, this is simply where you only lower a weight, like jumping up into a pull up and slowly lowering down, on a bench press lowering and a partner assists getting the weight back to the top, well this is the same and will massively improve your strength, try doing a few of these every day and you will notice how much easier they get!

I love this one, it is a bit harder on the abs as we have extra rotation and lateral flexion of the spine. This can be done on the floor if your strong or just on the kitchen counter at home, simply rotate your left leg under your right, twist the body and lower and push back up! This will be great for anyone with tight pecs, so everyone really!

and do the same on the other side!

Good luck and enjoy! Keep moving lovely people!


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