Positive Thinking Creates a Positive Future

dd5d9cca8da30ee0abd9eb974e9502acHey lovely people!

I just wanted to share with you all a wonderful quote I heard from the lovely Elizabeth from Forking Fit…

Positive Thinking Creates a Positive Future

I think it’s wonderful, it says it all!


So today, focus on what is right in your life! What you’ve achieved! What you’ve done well that a year ago, you didn’t think you could do…. I’ve got a gorgeous group of ladies who I get to train and a year ago they found running hard, yet this weekend some of them are running their first 5 km in the St. Richard’s hospice, colour run and I’m so so so proud of each of them!

So choose to be proud of yourself, of what you’ve overcome, what you’ve stuck with or changed where needed!

Let go of anything you no longer need and choose happiness and positivity!

Let yourself be happy!

Have a wonderful afternoon everyone!

Love Aimie xx


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