Overheard Today – Eat That Frog….

Hollo Lovely Lovely People!

I hope you’ve all had a glorious day! I’m feeling extremely grateful for having had a brilliant busy day of training absolutely lovely, inspiring, wonderful people today and just wanted to share a conversation we had this morning in our 6.15 am bootcamp about “Eating The Frog”


“If you eat a frog first thing in the morning that will probably be the worst thing you do all day.” – Mark Twain

As some of you might know, one of my favourite websites is www.marcandangel.com it’s an awesome site that positively inspires me every day! I have their audio and listen to it regularly… They talk about eating that frog… don’t worry, not literally! It’s a quote from Mark Twain and Brian Tracy uses it as a tool to stop procrastination to make every day more productive and enjoyable. If there is something you don’t want to do, but you get it done first thing the rest of the day will be a lovely experience by comparison and you’ll probably enjoy it a whole lot more!

Young female jogger doing stretching exercise at sunrise

So what is your frog?

I’d been playing with the idea of working out first thing every day for a while and decided in December I was going to take action. Exercise isn’t like eating a frog to me, I love it, but have a bad habit of letting other things get in my way. So by simply fitting in my workouts a bit earlier I’ve already done my favourite thing and as a result my day feels even better! I feel more creative, calmer, happier and anything that pops up doesn’t feel like it’s getting in the way.


So what could you do first thing every morning to improve your entire day?

Here are a few ideas I’ve thought of to help inspire you…

Drink 500 ml water first thing in the morning to hydrate your gorgeous body and make you feel awesome while kickstarting your body’s natural cleansing

Move simply have a stretch, do a bit of yoga, hang your head forward and sway to loosen your back up after your rest


Try meditation just 12 minutes every day helps to rewire your brain and improves memory, increases the ability to learn, calms the nervous system, helps you think more positively and so much more!

Pack a healthy lunch don’t get caught out at the office meeting with all that stodge that weighs you down, simply pack healthy fresh goodness like veggie sticks,fruit, a juice or smoothie, some nuts to keep to feeling awesome all day!

Make that Phone call or ask someone for that favour you’ve been wanting to ask, give someone a compliment, say hello to a stranger… do something that makes you feel a little uncomfortable and you’ll feel so good about yourself the rest of the day will be smooth and you’ll feel as cool as The Fonz! Hey!!!

Squats/ Lunges/ Press Ups/ Pull Ups/ Jump Up and Down… If you want to get results, how good would you feel if you started your day with your own personal fitness goal? My goal at the moment is to build up to 10 full pull ups, so every day I’m jumping up on that bar and lowering myself until I can do 10 full ones!

So…Do you feel inspired? Are you going to “Eat that Frog”? Is there something you’ve been wanting to do and not bitten the bullet yet? If so please let me know! I’d love to hear from you!

As always, have fun and be awesome!

Love Aimie xx


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