New Year, Fresh Start

Happy New Year Lovely People!!! I hope everyone is feeling refreshed and ready to get even fitter and healthier than last year!

Over the Christmas period, Matt and I have moved into our new house and are getting nice and organised again! Yay! I love Christmas and New Year, It’s lovely to reflect on what we’ve accomplished over the past 12 months. I personally used 2012 as a year to study harder with an amazing company, Faster Global, who specialise in Functional Performance and Therapy, the results I have been getting with clients has been unbelievable! I really focused on getting my nutrition right for me and to really start expanding on what we offer at Aimie Smith Personal Training, such as Core Classes, Food preparation classes and getting Pete Nicholl to start CST and that’s just the start!

I married the love of my life, Matt, wearing a dress I loved (without the spanks, thank you healthy stomach) we had the most incredible day and the honeymoon of a lifetime.
2012 has been a completely incredible year, I have so many wonderful people in my life that I am so lucky to have and I am so grateful for all of the amazing opportunities I have had chance to be part of.

Looking now into 2013, it’s time to move things forward, I have some very cool things in the pipeline for all of my wonderful Athletes…keep an eye open for some very cool videos and much more at the studio! My dream is to help everyone to get the results that make the difference to how we feel on the inside, not just the outside, the sense of absolute bliss of changing something we are not happy with and getting what we really, truly want!

I personally found that last year I spent a lot of time studying nutrition, which meant that I kept up with my exercise, but in more of a maintanence sense. Although, I have found that by eating tons more raw, organic vegetables, staying alkaline and generally looking after myself and being kinder to myself, by not beating myself up over the small stuff, getting more sleep and taking time to be creative and enjoying some down time, my fitness levels have still soared, despite not really pushing myself too hard in the gym, but having more fun with my exercise. There are reasons I suspect have huge influences on my fitness levels getting better, which I will put down in another post.

So my goals in 2013 are to keep on helping to inspire, motivate and help as many people as I can to feel better, look better, eat better and start living the lives we all deserve. My personal goals are to get stronger, I successfully completed my 30 full press ups in December and have raised the bar to handstands, headstands and pull ups by the end of January, as well as nailing my single legged squats!

I think many people will relate with me here, I love my body, over the past 11 years I have gone from a 196 lb, sick, 16 year old, who would break a sweat and get a stitch just walking to school, to a 27 year old body that has never felt better, my mind feels sharp, my eyes feel clear, I feel alive, my body naturally maintains a very healthy weight and my energy levels are the best they have ever been. I intend, like the 11 previous years to continue getting fitter, healthier, stronger and happier every year! This year I will really pick up my fitness and continue on my path of getting better every year, I wish the same to every single person reading this and hope you all start seeing amazing, life changing results!

The question is: What do you want?

Happy New Year Everyone!

Keep moving and eating yummy, healthy food!

Aimie x


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