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Hello my lovely people!

I hope the squats are going well! 🙂

I’ve been promising you all I would post my lovely organic, natural deodorant recipe…so here it is!

After 3 years of playing with lots of different natural deodorants and getting t-shirt stains, feeling particularly sweaty, or even worse, really stinky (let’s face it, you don’t want a Personal Trainer who is demo-ing exercises all day to smell like they have been exercising all day!) I’ve tried using none and washing a few times a day and that was a pain, then I finally found a ‘natural’ one I loved and smelt great, no excessive sweating and in a nice spray bottle, but then I double checked the fine print and found it had PEG40 in it, one very toxic nasty, so that went in the recycling bin!

Then I decided to make my own, coconut oil is antiseptic and anti-fungal, plus I love the fresh coconut smell that reminds me of holidays! I also use Bicarb to brush my teeth, which is very cleansing, alkalising and deodorising, so I mixed the two!

Simply add some warm, soft, raw organic coconut oil into a pot or glass jar, add a tsp or so of bicarb and mix, use finger tips to spread a little under the pits straight after a shower and enjoy lovely smelling beautiful, natural underarms! YAY!



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  1. Hey Jamie, Lovely to hear from you! What is your site? I would love to check it out! Aimie

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