March Challenge – 100 Squats or Lunges every day!!

Hello Lovely People!!! I’ve missed you!! It’s great to be back! As many of you know I have been working away for the past few weeks and have had a great few weeks, I got the chance to work in a very cool new gym in Saudi, where I was helping to get lots of women new to exercise doing lots of cool, new, functional exercises!

In the few weeks there I saw some really amazing changes, women who had never exercised before literally changed right before my eyes, some struggled with certain movements and found the exercises sometimes a little strange (I’m sure many can relate :)) but the thing I was most inspired by was the determination and the fact that these amazing women came every single day and did these exercises daily, nailing them within a few sessions…

So… this leads me on to The March 100 daily Challenge… Put your hands up… Who would like leaner, longer, more toned, sexy legs? Me, me, me!! Who would like an even perkier bottom that could crack walnuts? Me again!!! Who would like to feel great every day and boost their metabolism? I’m in!!!

Awesome!!! So every day in March (or the next 30 days, I was supposed to put this up on Friday) we will together, perform either 100 squats or 100 lunges, if your feeling particularly crazy… 100 lunges on each leg… if you miss a day 400 lunges (Sorry Saturday morning bootcampers :)) OHHHH, it’s all a bit exciting and all in time for Spring shorts! Yay!

Why? You might ask, well, the science bit states that the biggest muscles in the body are in the legs and bottom, so when we perform big movements using these large muscles we will speed up our metabolic rate, this will stay high for hours after training, we will get blood pumping which will make us feel happy, then even happier in 30 days when we have a bum Pippa Middleton would be envious of!
It is said that training these awesome muscles also helps us to naturally produce our human growth hormone. The benefits of this are to improve lean muscle mass (ladies, we will never look like Arnie doing some squats and eating salads, it takes a hell of a lot of food and hours and hours of training to get those results and more testosterone than we could possibly have, but you will like what you see!) When performing lunges, we lengthen through our abs, meaning we get a great Core workout, mix this with 3D movement, you all know my crazy lunges, we also lengthen through our quads, we will throw some inner thigh in there for good measure plus a shed load of glutes and we will be sweating in no time!

So, I will post some workouts on my youtube channel, see the link at the side. Then all you have to do is press play and join in! Easy as peas!

Right, I’m off to do some more Lunges! Enjoy!!

It’s great to be back my lovelies! Have a wonderful day!xx


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  1. hi my lovely this sounds really good so tomorrow i,m doing this 100 challenge,hope your keeping well ,i,ve just enroled to do my grade 2 for pt eek xxx

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