Keeping fit and injury free over the winter…

So as all of my lovely early birds know it is getting cold and dark, “boo”, I hear you cry, but don’t worry, I have plenty of plans to keep you going over the colder months.

Firstly, I want you to think about all of those glamourous christmas parties we will all be attending, is there any better feeling than looking and feeling lean, strong, energetic and fabulous? Didn’t think so!

Then if that isn’t enough to keep you going just think back to last year, we had all that lovely snow, which turned in to very slippery ice (I am pretty sure I’m not the only one who may have fallen on their gluteus maximus!), maybe being fit and strong will help us to cope better in these conditions? Plus cold weather is great for tightening those shoulders as we hunch up in the wind and then the upper and lower backs will suffer, then leading to more discomfort in other areas.

So this autumn/winter make the time in your diaries for you, for your health and to get those feel good hormones going, lets keep your fitness up, help prevent injuries and have fun at the same time!

Why not join a group session? We all have a good sweaty workout, as my Pilates ladies will all tell you and a laugh at the same time! With early morning group PT sessions, Pilates, TRX Classes, Functional training sessions and of course, Personal Training sessions there is lots to keep us going!

Keep moving,



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