Karens Yoga Diary – Week 9

Yoga Week 9


5.45am ‘Time to Say Goodby’ is my alarm going off, I love that song!! No lying in for an extra 5 minuets this morning!!

After our breathing and warming up we start to practice some floor poses. We start on all fours breathing in and out to the cat pose. From here we extend opposition hand to foot, still on all fours, then repeating on the other side, after this we stay on our knees and thread the right hand under the left arm and rest the right shoulder on the floor, this is a lovely stretch through the upper back. Again repeated on the other side. Another pose, we stand straight, bend forward from the hip placing right hand on left calf with left arm straight up towards ceiling, another lovely twist. Chair position next with hands in prayer twisting elbow to opposite thigh.

There are so many postures to learn!! Variations within each position gives such varied stretches. Without realising it all the muscles are used. The other really nice thing about this form of movement is that as you never ‘over reach’ you don’t end up with sore muscles. You go at your own pace and end up there in the end!! I think if I my muscles were painful, it would put me off practicing the next day and, for me, it’s important that I do my yoga every day.

Thank you so much Aimie for teaching me the way of yoga, it’s spilling out into all areas of my life!


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