Karen’s yoga diary – Week 8

Yoga Week 8

Another Monday morning and off to yoga!!

Today after our warming up we start to do warrior 3, bending from the hip sideways, I’m not at all supple my back doesn’t seem to give in this position!! This is one to practice at home daily!! We also start to explore pigeon pose, this feels really good, Again I’m more flexible on one side than the other, I so love the grace of these moves, so feminine. We practice balancing on one leg supported by one hand, I really like these balance positions, I didn’t think I would but I do. It’s the challenge of conquering, then holding, then improving the posture. The more you practice the more you get out of it, it all seems to just fit into place. We even have a go at the splits!

It’s so much easier now bringing my leg back to my hands in downward facing dog, I can’t believe it, it’s becoming a natural movement now!

The yoga is making me calmer, even my husbands noticed!! Things can wait, I’m more able to calm my mind. I’m still practicing every morning and I love it, the quiet time and the movement. Each morning I feel I’m improving in the postures, able to get a little further into the stretch. Now I’m learning more moves I don’t have time to fit them all in one practice!! I’m going to have to work out some routines to alternate them all!


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