Karen’s Yoga Diary – Week 7

Yoga Week 7

Mondays come round so quick!! The alarms gone off and I’m up and ready to go. It’s just starting to get light and it’s been raining.

Aimies gym is lovely and warm. We start, cross legged with a breathing exercise, breathing first through one nostril then the other. Sitting in this position is becoming easier. We finish this by going into child’s pose.

We then go through some moves from downward facing dog. Beautiful stretches. You just want to try and stretch just one more inch as it feels so good. We then moved on to a move that started facing one way then moved round to face the other, this gives a fantastic stretch on the inner thigh and then hamstring. You never feel like your going too far though as you work at a limit comfortable to you, but you do want to go further, you can feel yourself just pushing that little bit more and it’s good!! I can now, at the end of downward dog, put my leg forward between my hands without having to use one of my hands to help it. That is so satisfying!!

This week I experienced something I never thought would happen. I went to the dentist and had a filling, no nerves at all, I’m almost frightened to put it into words incase I jinx myself!. I sat in the chair and did my breathing exercise, it was great, I still can’t believe it!

I’m noticing that just getting dressed and undressed is easier, bending down more comfortable.


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