Karen’s Yoga Diary – Week 5

Week 5

It’s 6.15am, very dark and I’m off to my yoga class! I wonder what we’ll do today?We start our breathing exercise today in mountain pose, this grounds us and wakes up the body. It eases you slowly into preparing the body for the movements to come. I’m really starting to understand the importance of this part of the routine.

Now the sun salutation. Today we perform this holding each position for two minuets, breathing slowly and rhythmically. This makes you very aware of what you’re doing. It’s a different sensation to the continual movement of the salutation. You become very aware of specific parts of the body. Today Aimie added into the sequence an extension (that might not be the right word!) to the warrior pose. This was a twist that gave a lovely stretch through the torso. We put our forearm onto the bent thigh, bought the other hand to the palm in prayer position with elbows pointing directly up and down. This was followed by Aimie gently leading us into a Pigeon Pose, I loved this! It was a beautiful stretch. I think that’s what I physically like about the yoga, the stretching. You feel as though you’re stretching the body and focusing the mind. The two go hand in hand.

We ended the class in child’s pose. This is a very relaxing position to be in, the whole body just seems to mould into it.


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