Karen’s Yoga Diary – Week 4

Week 4

Monday 5.45 am, my alarm goes off, it’s playing ‘Time To Say Goodbye’ motivating me to say goodbye to my old self and hello to the new!

We start with sitting (on blocks for me) and our legs crossed. Aimie starts taking us through our breathing exercise, mentally preparing us for our practice. It’s the start of inner calm and, surprisingly, warmth. My legs feel a little stiffer than usual; I think I know the problem. I’ve had a very ‘out of control’ eating pattern for the last couple of days, chocolate and peanuts. I think the ‘junk’ I’ve eaten is telling!!

We then practice a new position. Again I feel really wooden; I perform it better on my left than right.

We then start the sun salutation. I wish I could explain how wonderful this is and what it feels like. It’s like being really alive. As time goes by maybe I’ll able to put it into words. The salutation is becoming a lot more fluid around the poses I’m familiar with, giving a more complete feeling. We then have the challenge of the new move(s) Aimie introduces. I’m practicing this now every day. I don’t want to miss out on this feeling!

Another bonus to the yoga is ‘organisation’. For the first time in a long time I’m slowly becoming organised. A friend gave me a diary for Christmas, I‘d used it to record appointments, but I’m using it now to set aside time for the things I want to do. I put in for Saturday to tidy the garden ready for winter, I did it!! And I felt so good. I kept thinking ‘I did it’. Such a simple thing, but I couldn’t find the time, but, through organisation I had it all along!

I’m looking forward to next week and the bonuses it will bring!


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