Karen’s Yoga Diary – Week 3

Week 3

This last weeks been good. I’ve practiced my sun salutation, with the extra moves I could remember, I feel really good. The feel of the movements just makes my body feel alive.

We practiced the sun salutation adding to what we’d learnt last week, putting different positions together. It just flowed from one to another. No stoping and starting, just a lovely rhythmic continual movement. It feels so graceful. It probably doesn’t look it yet though!!

I know I’ve a long way to go. I never thought I could feel so in control of movement, but, at the same time feel so free. Sounds odd I know, a contradiction. Its hard but the control somehow gives you freedom.

Walking home tonight I felt so alive. Something has happened to my spine, or rather the muscles either side of it. They seem to be holding me upright with no input from me!! I feel as though my torso is sitting correctly on my pelvis. My shoulders are relaxed and not all hunched around my ears!! I just feel so good. The breathing exercise we started with today helped. We sat cross legged with our hands just touching the floor either side, shoulders back and down, breathing in for 4 hold 2 out 4 hold 2 and repeat. Standing at the sink washing up I was upright, no bending over the sink. All this without thinking about it too!! The breathings going to be a definite daily add on to my salutation.


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