Just Start…

just start

This morning we had a very inspiring conversation in Bootcamp, talking about the feelings we feel on a consistent basis about our lives. Over the 10 years I’ve been privileged to spend training people it’s become quite apparent that people who feel they are progressing in their personal lives and are doing things that inspire them get better results… Our mood affects our hormones, which will then effect everything else… Cortisol is linked to abdominal fat, so therefore, if we do the things that make us happy, we change our states, which can actually change how we move, look and feel! We all know that person who is happy, confident, loves life and looks great right? So find something you’ve always wanted to do and just start doing it!! You don’t have to be perfect, you just have to start loving your life!! We’ve got 1 lovely lady who is going to learn Italian, another who is going to take up photography, we have a half marathon in the pipeline and my personal goal is to get back into drawing!! Do something for yourself!! Everyday we trade a day of our lives to do what we are doing! How will you spend today?


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