How to have a happy day!

Aloha Beautiful People!

I hope you are all well!

I’m so sorry about the lack of blogs recently, I’ve just finished my yoga qualification and am starting up a very new, exciting business to run alongside and compliment my wonderful work as a Personal Trainer and coach and am also finishing a recipe book that was inspired by you wonderful people! It’s all coming to a calmer state, so I wanted to do a few blogs to say hello!

I’ve got so much to share with you all, but firstly I want to tell you about my gym session today… As always I enjoyed my walk to the gym, where I either do a mental list of what I’m grateful for or practice the ho’oponopono (more on this another day) and went into the changing room where I saw 2 lovely ladies discussing that they couldn’t touch their toes, I couldn’t resist, I simply got them to have a go at my magic hamstring opening movements and in 2 minutes both could touch their toes and were suitably impressed…YAY! I love it!

So I got chatting to Mo, who is a lovely lady I see regularly at the gym and we got on to daily rituals and she told me about her daily BMW, I found this so inspiring I wanted to share it with you all! It will take maybe 3 minutes a day and is a really lovely thing to try…

B stands for Beautiful things…

Simply, at the end of your day count 5 beautiful things that have happened to you that day, for example… 1. Someone complimented my hair 2. I met and had a great conversation with a new friend 3. Someone told me some advice I had offered had helped 4. I saw a new video on youtube that really inspired me 5. I tried a few new exercises and loved them… or anything that made your day better.

M is for memory

So this is something you’ve learnt of interest to you today and aim for 3 things daily… 1. I’ve learnt about the BMW 2. I’ve learnt the lovely lady from the gym’s name, Mo 3. I’ve learnt that doing good things makes you feel good

W is for Wish

So you finish off with a wish….anything you like and take a moment to think about what it would be like to have that wish come true

And that is it!

I hope this inspires you and you too start a daily gratitude list.

The next Blog will be on how I improved my running speed by an extra 2 km/h in 2 weeks! Exciting Stuff!

Have an awesome day everyone!

Aimie x


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