Happy New Year – January’s Goals…


And Happy 2015!

I hope you’ve all had a wonderful Christmas and are ready for a great New Year!

Firstly I would like to tell you a little about my goals this year.

Over the past few months I’ve been really looking at what I want to achieve this year and it’s really very simple. To exercise more. To have a little more free time to play or read or write blogs. To have less stuff.

Goal 1 – To make my fitness as my first goal of the day,
my reason to get out of bed

Goal 2 – To improve my running
my running has always been a bit of an on/off affair, so I’m going to add in smaller runs on a regular basis

Goal 3 – To become awesome at pull ups
I can finally slowly lower myself out of a pull up, unassisted, so I’m going to spend just a few minutes everyday practicing these in January!

Goal 4 – To get rid of 1 thing everyday that I no longer use or need,
by giving it to someone else who want’s the item, or to charity, to de-clutter my home and mind

I will go into these goals a little more in other posts….

Over the past 2 years of incorporating daily meditation and yoga intro my days I’ve found it much easier to find what I really want. To have a little more time to do things I enjoy, like a fun leisurely, not just stealing 30 minutes when I can, gym session, which had actually been what I loved about going to the gym when I first lost 5 stone, I loved the social aspect of being around healthy, fit, happy, inspiring people. I love getting time to play and be creative with my training and finding new party tricks to master, so this is one of my goals for this year, to put my training as a main priority!

I just wanted to give you all a few inspirations for this coming year ahead to really make this a year you have to live fully enjoyable every day! To feel proud of yourself and to love your body totally!

I believe that when we aren’t totally happy it shows up in different ways for different people, some people find comfort in food, others in drinking wine and some of us, actually hitting the gym more to de-stress or through yoga, meditation, reading etc. I’d like to give you a few ideas of what you could try doing to get the results you really really want. Let’s face it, we all want to feel better, more energetic, more present and happy and that goes hand in hand with feeling light and strong in your body, happy with how you look in the mirror and our clothes fitting well.

So here are a few tips to keep you on track for January….

1. Have a goal, just 1 or 2 simple goals you could do every day for the entire month, like walking for 30 minutes daily or exercising for 30 minutes daily, you could walk or hike one day, do a weights session the next and so on, come and try the brand new CMT Class at my studio, where you will meet other awesome people! The world is your oyster! Try something new and enjoy the positive changes!

2. Find you achilles heal and get a strategy to beat it! For example, if you know that at 2.30 every day you naturally want a sugary snack, prepare snack bags at the weekend you can keep in your office draw or bag, like some veggie sticks, almonds, walnuts and pecans and an apple. Apples naturally clean our teeth and who wants to eat chocolate with silky clean teeth and fresh breath?

If your downfall (like me) is that after you’ve eaten your evening meal you just want to eat the entire house, why not try getting a lovely tea pot and a selection of herbal teas to enjoy instead of eating purely out of habit and comfort, after a few nights I find I wake up much easier the next morning and my stomach feels soooo much better and flatter!

3. De-clutter the old… yes, seriously, this will help you clean out old rubbish in the mind and the house! By getting rid of those old skanky pj’s you eat Ben and Jerry’s in, you will help break the habit. By chucking out old out-of-date foods and left over christmas toxic-treats you get rid of the temptation! Get a beautiful fruit bowl and enjoy fresh, healthy organic produce! Dump all those old outfits you don’t feel good in, that are making you feel bad about yourself, including old gross undies and stinky old gym kit, invest in a few things you love and start feeling awesome! The better you feel inside, the better you will treat yourself and your gorgeous body!

Let me know how you get on and what your goals are and I’ll keep you updated on mine!xx


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