Get Rid of Bloating for Good!

Hello Lovely Athletes!

I hope this post finds you well!

As most of you know I am on a bit of a mission to get super lean for Christmas. It can be so easy to stay in maintenance of you body shape and fitness levels, when deep down you really want more, so I am going to share with you my tips that will help you to get that flat stomach for Christmas!

Tip 1 – Get hydrated! Yes I know, we always say this, but our bodies are 70% water! The first thing we cannot live without is oxygen (meditation – I will post about this later), the second thing is water (so start drinking now!) Then the third thing is food, so you see how important the water is!

Try drinking 1/2 liter to 1 liter of water on rising, after brushing your teeth, wait 20 minutes (water dilutes your digestive juices, so try to minimise water intake with meals, but drink lots of the wet stuff inbetween) then have your green smoothie for breakfast, if you are really hungry, 20 minutes after your smoothie have some food, think fruit or porridge made with the best quality oats or groats you can find, add some spices to speed up your metabolism.

Tip 2 – Food combining

This really makes the biggest difference for me! It keeps my stomach flat and digestion brilliant, plus my energy is always awesome when I stick to this! Check out my easy to follow table below

(Click to make me bigger)

Give these two things a go this week and see if you notice the difference!

Have a great day and keep moving!

Aimie x


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