Food Combining – Why and How?

Hey Lovely Athletes,

I wanted to follow up with a little more info on Food Combining, hope you enjoy!

I am going to share with you something that I find really gets results energy wise and is amazing for helping correct digestion of all of your food, therefore, helping us get a lovely flatter stomach!

I have stages where I am really good with my food combining, get brilliant results, my jeans feel nice and low on my hips and then and stages where I add things together that don’t quite fit and then my jeans in turn don’t quite fit!

The thing I particularly love about food combining is that I have a lovely lady who trains with me who had a Hiatis Hernia, she had tried all of the medications and was struggling to lose weight, she started food combining and the problem went after a week and she finally started losing weight!

So What is it? In a nutshell we need slightly different levels of stomach acids to digest protein and carbohydrates, for example, a meat based sandwich, spaghetti and meatballs, a beef burger and so on , so when eaten together the acid levels are conflicting and as a result neither food group is fully digested.

Then there is fruit which digests at a very quick rate, which when eaten after a heavy meal as a desert will ferment on top of the slower digesting foods and cause gasses in the gut! Nice!

So here is a little table I have created to help in all your food combining needs. I will add some recipes up on for you to check out over the next few weeks. In the meantime give it a go and see if you tummy feels happier!

Good luck Lovely people!

Keep moving!

Aimie x


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