Do a good deed… pick up some litter!

Good afternoon everyone!

I hope this sunny week is treating you well! On a happiness note, doing a good deed makes us feel good, increases our happiness hormones and our inner awesomeness shines out!

litter picking

So for the past few weeks every time I empty the bins at the studio I walk home collecting every piece of litter I see. My walk home takes exactly 3 minutes, 350 steps and crosses a main road. In those 3 minutes I usually collect 30-40 pieces of litter! Mainly old lottery tickets, cigarette packs and cans, but I decided a few weeks ago if I don’t do something no-one else will!


So I’m asking for some help… if 100 people all picked up 30 pieces of litter just once a week that would be 3000 less pieces of litter polluting out streets, plus, if others see us, it might just inspire more people to join in!

be the chan

Who’s with me wellness warriors?

Post a picture of you litter picking this week and tag me in it and you might just win yourself a FREE Personal Training or Food Session with yours truly!


Stay awesome!!

Love Aimie xxx


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