Dare to Breathe – breathing challenge – Week 1 – 30 breaths

Hello Lovely People!

I’m really excited about this challenge…I started it last week and just had to share it with you all and what better day to start than a Monday?

so, let’s get started….

I love lent, and decided to give up shallow breathing… yep, shallow breathing!

A few years ago I went to work abroad and in the two weeks working away I got results in my body I’d never had! I felt incredible, I dropped about 5 lbs that have always bugged me and I felt strong, lean, happy light and my skin glowed. When I got home I tried to keep hold of these results, but it didn’t stick. But I didn’t know quite what had made the difference. I’d started meditating and started up yoga, but continued these when I returned, but I didn’t have that sparkle I had when I was away and I’ve been trying to find it ever since!

Screen shot 2015-02-23 at 09.16.29

Funnily enough, when we go on holiday, the same happens, I get that light feeling…What could it be?

Breathing! Yes, simple old breathing!

When I’m at home, although I meditate and practice deep breaths in my meditation time, I’ve found myself literally holding my breath. I’ve noticed it when I have too many jobs on my to do list or when I’m rushing out of the house to get to work.

So, I’m taking part in a 12 week breathing program and I thought you’d like to try it?

In the next few blog posts I’ll explain more about breathing and why it works, but this week simply, all I request is that you breathe 10 long deep belly breaths 3 times a day, thats it!

You can do them all in one go in the morning and any extra is a bonus, but that’s it for this week! Next week I’ll give you task number 2!

So go on, take a deep breath, exhale, do this 9 more times and you’re there!

Ohhh…I’m excited!

In one week I’ve noticed a dramatic change in my stomach, people have asked if I’ve lost weight, I feel even more energetic and my skin looks better! Plus I’ve noticed my thoughts are even more positive! Result!

Please let me know how you get on and I can’t wait to hear all your results!

Breathe deeply!

Aimie xx


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