Hello lovely people!

I hope today finds you well!

We had a great corestick class last night, we worked up a great sweat and had a very interesting discussion which has inspired today’s blog…. Compliments… Giving them and receiving them.

So, over the last year I’ve made daily meditation and self reflection part of my daily routine and it has been an incredible year. Some things have been really hard to come to terms with, old habits that have held me back and even behaviors I have noticed that I’m not proud of, but it has helped me change into the person I want to be.

One of the things I used to do was hold myself back, weather it was not saying something to someone that might help, at the risk of them thinking I was weird, or not doing something I really wanted to. Or, as we spoke about last night, complimenting someone on something I admired in them, again because I was worried about what they might think of me… It is quite a British trait to not take a compliment, for example, “I love your dress” might get a response like, “oh, this, it was only £5 from primark” or “your hair looks lovely” might get a “oh god, it needs a wash” or even “have you lost weight, you look great” might get a “oh no, I’m having a fat day” or “I don’t know how, I’ve eaten like a pig” who has done this? My hand has to go up too!

But I want to get you and myself to get better at accepting these compliments. Last night we were talking about how hard it is sometimes giving a compliment, our inner mean girl or boy might tell us that we can’t say that, or they might think your weird or they might give us a funny look. But go on, tell your friend how much they brighten your day, tell a co-worker how incredible they look, or even the mum in the park how happy her children look around her.

Even writing this I feel inspired to go out now and tell people what a positive affect they have on my life.

The key to change is to do something towards your goal right now… So I’m going to send 5 messages now to people who inspire me to say thank you and why they are so awesome!

Go and make someone else smile, you will feel fantastic afterwards!

Love Aimie xx


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