A watermelon a day…

Hello Lovely People!

As many of you may know I am currently writing what was going to be a mini guide to green smoothies which has ended up being 50 pages and I haven’t even finished yet!

As I’ve been writing down all the things I’ve learnt Matt and I have been discussing how my health and so much more has improved and as I was sat eating a watermelon, yes, a WHOLE water melon!!! Matt commented on how over the past 1 1/2 years of my watermelon-a-day habit I’ve thrived… I used to

-fall asleep every night on the sofa
-hated getting out of bed
-had a really poor memory
-was always a bit tired
-didn’t have as much energy as I wanted
-my skin would break out regularly
-I also had “lumps on my thighs and arms
-I had no get-up-and-go to do simple jobs

These are all a thing of the past now, I feel awesome, have tons of energy and have so many ideas and things I want to do that I can’t sit still, but most importantly, I just feel the most well I’ve ever been!

I notice it, Matt notices it and my clients notice too!

Why watermelon? It’s super hydrating and has the highest water content of all fruits, I like holding it in a little bowl, it tastes amazing! I love the way I feel eating them, the seeds are full of nutrients and are in their natural waters within the melon, they are alkalising, but mainly… I don’t feel as good on the day’s I don’t get a lovely melon!

If you are wondering what a day in the life of Aimie’s Belly looks like here is a typical day…

6.15am – 800-1600 ml freash plain water

8 am – 2 litres green smoothie

11-12 – workout or yoga or meditation + more water

12.-1.30 – eat 1 whole watermelon first then either more fruit, oranges/grapefruit, a salad if I’m still hungry

Drink water and herbal tea

6-7 Evening meal – maybe fruit to start, then a huge salad, maybe sweet potato sushi rolls or sweet potato cabbage wraps or a ton of steamed new potatoes or 4 jacket potatoes

Then water until bed time! Yum!

Thank you for reading and please let me know what you would like me to talk about next!xx


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