A Super Creamy Tropical Green Smoothie For You…

Hey there awesome people!

Happy Christmas and I hope you are all having an amazing time over this festive period!

Today Matt dragged my butt out of bed for a 6.45 am spin session…. I grumbled, but feel soooo much better for doing it followed by a fun, functional weights session, then off shopping to get some greens, I made the most delicious post-workout green smoothie to date….Here we go…

The great thing with food is that we don’t have to waste much at all, yesterday I made a not so delicious smoothie which was a bit thick. I used the leftover smoothie from yesterday to bulk out today’s which was…

chard from my garden

and mixed it with some fresh ingredients today….

100g spinach
1 mango
1 banana
1 passion fruit
1/2 tub vanilla coyo
and water…

blended it all together and enjoyed in the morning sunshine!

I normally go heavier on the greens, but this creamy, fruity treat would convert even the most skeptical!

Give it a go!xx


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