4 week Meditation Course

I’m full of exciting news today lovely people! Some of you may know Nigel, who has very kindly agreed to take a 4 week meditation course starting from 23rd April at 6 pm, then every other week for 4 weeks!

Many of you will know the huge benefits of meditation, but may find actually doing it very difficult, so we have come up with this cool introduction to meditation where you can learn more about it and try a variety of different meditation exercises to find what works best for you!

I love the little bit of meditation I have added into my life as I feel completely recharged, calm and ready to take on the day afterwards! I personally sleep better and feel I get more enjoyment out of my life when I meditate regularly, I feel more aware of the present and feel less rushed, I notice that my body feels more open and my posture even feels better afterwards and I only do 2-20 minutes per day!

There are only 8 spaces and they are all ready going very quickly, so please confirm your spot with me ASAP, we are just asking for a £10 donation for Nigel’s charity of choice, so not only do you get a great Meditation class, but you get to feel really good knowing you are donating to a good cause! I can’t wait to take part in this class! I’m feeling calmer already!


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