4 Week Challenge…Are you ready?

Hello lovely people!

Having enjoyed the spell of great weather last week, I just wanted to let you know about the huge benefits of green smoothies of all varieties!

Matt and I have recently increased our green smoothie intake as we feel so much better having them, have more energy as a result and really enjoy them.

So I thought I would ask if anyone else was up for the 4 week smoothie challenge?

Results expected are:

– increased energy levels
– improvement in the digestion process
– feeling and looking better and healthier
– increased enzyme consumption
– potential weight loss (all of my clients who have tried it so far are losing at least a pound or more every week!)

Why four Weeks?

This period is to give you a chance to really feel the health benefits and possibly find this is a habit you might want to stick to in the longer term.

What do do?

Simply drink 1-2 green smoothies each day (you can gently start with 1/2 glass depending on how much fibre you are used to), I would suggest:

– Trying lots of different green veg in your smoothies
– Chewing your smoothie before swallowing as this will aid digestion (I know it sound strange!)
– Using a blender to create your smoothie until completely creamed for maximum nutrient uptake
– Having fun with it! Try different things and ingredients (you may want to start with a fruitier smoothie and tweak the ratios until it is more vegetable based)
– Using my facebook page to put images and ingredient list of your smoothies so that others can try your green combos!


– Most of us fill up on non-vegetable foods and lack in terms of key vitamins and minerals required for optimum health
– We all know we need to consume more greens, so this is a very easy and simple way to get them in. When blended what seems like tons of greens blitzes down to nothing.
– I have recently read that as we continue to evolve our jaws have got smaller, which means we are not as efficient at chewing our food as much as we need, so by blending our greens it helps our bodies absorb as much of the good stuff as possible.
– Smoothies have the much needed fibre that juices lack in and this is great for healthy insides!

Where to start…

– Think about taking a before photo of yourself now and weigh yourself. At the end of the four weeks, repeat the process and if you stick to the above, I think you’ll be delighted at the changes.
– Go and get some green veg and leaves, ginger and some fruit etc and try some different recipes. Everyone knows I love spinach, apple juice and ginger smoothies. This is a really nice one to start with and is a great start to the day. Those that have tried it have felt more energetic, have increased vitality and really miss not having the smoothies once they get into the easy routine.
– Gently increase your green smoothies over the 4 weeks to 1 or 2 pints daily (some people may experience detox symptoms if too much is done too quickly)
– Check my facebook page for recipes and please add yours to help everyone taking part

Did you know?

Spinach and broccoli are 40% protein? Popeye was right all along!

This is not a diet and should supplement a healthy and balanced diet but is such a simple option that is likely to improve your health and wellbeing.

Check out www.greensmoothiegirl.com if you want more information on the benefits of green smoothies and much more.

Have a lovely week all and let me know how you get on if you fancy feeling and looking better!

Keep moving,



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